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The Peep Team

Director – Sally Blake

Sally cut her filmmaking teeth in the bizarre world of professional wrestling, co-producing the Gemini-award winning and Emmy short-listed documentary feature, HITMAN HART, wrestling with shadows and the A&E Biography follow-up The Life and Death of Owen Hart.  Sally continues to make films exploring day to day life from extreme and unusual perspectives, including Offstage, a Guffmanesque peek inside the world of amateur theatre, The Disciples, a revealing behind-the-scenes tale of power and profit in the world of Christian rock ‘n’ roll, and Cat Ladies, a film about “crazy cat ladies” and how we view them.

Two years ago Sally took a mule across the Italian Alps to re-trace Leonardo Da Vinci’s epic voyage to France, the subject of her upcoming documentary Leonardo’s Last Journey.  Sally just completed the documentary feature/interactive cross-over project Peep Culture, an examination of society’s changing attitudes towards identity and privacy in the world of reality TV, YouTube and Facebook.

Producer – Jeannette Loakman

Jeannette Loakman is an award-winning producer with over 12 years of experience in the television industry.  She’s currently producing the documentary film Painting by Number$, as well as Peep Culture, and a broadcast documentary hour Chubby Chaser for TV Ontario.  Her last film Cat Ladies premiered at Hot Docs 2009, screening also at Silverdocs, San Francisco Doc Festival, Windsor international Film Festival, Sebastapol documentary film festival 2010, Talking Pictures 2010, and the Perth Revelation Film Festival 2010 in Perth, Australia.

Jeannette was also nominated for a Gemini for Spam: The Documentary, a critical and ratings hit, Spam is the story of one man’s comical search for the origins of bulk unsolicited email.  As well as Cat Ladies and Spam, her productions include the series Groomed - with world famous butler Paul Hogan, Annie Ong: Lost and Found, Hot Shots, The Last Seven Days of Annie Ong and she directed Slippery Blisses: What’s in a Kiss? with the NFB.  Jeannette and Sally founded Moc Docs – an annual national mockumentary filmmaking competition that over five years took over 30 filmmakers from script to the television screen and the festival circuit.

Jeannette’s previous work in the digital realm has also proven fruitful with her recent work as joint interactive producer with Peep Hal Interactive – the digital media company that has since launched, a blog on steroids with livecasting and IRC chat that was also part of the film Peep Culture

Writer – Hal Niedzviecki

Hal Niedzviecki is the founder of Broken Pencil magazine and the author of Hello I’m Special: How Individuality Became the New Conformity and We Want Some Too: Underground Desire and the Reinvention of Mass Culture. Called the “guru of independent/alternative creative action” by The Toronto Star, Niedzviecki and has published numerous works of social commentary and fiction. His writing has appeared in periodicals and newspapers across North America including The New York Times Magazine, Playboy, The Walrus, Adbusters, the Utne Reader and more.

Director of Photography – Mark Ellam

Composer – Phil Strong

Editors – Sally Blake, Avril Jacobson

Sound Recordist – Jason Milligan




PEEP CULTURE wins Gemini for Best Picture Editing! Congratulations to editors: Sally Blake and Avril Jacobson!

Big thanks to all that made it possible including Hal, Rachel, Elly, Andreas, Lisa, Sean, the Vancouver peepsters, David Lyle, Conlin Casting, Rob Galinsky, Reality TV school, Solitary producers Lincoln and Andrew, and countless others who allowed us to witness them!


PEEP CULTURE will be screening at the San Francsico Doc Fest in October 2011, Kansas City Film Festival, Brantford International Film Festival 2011, AND Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival! 

To date Peep has won a Silver Ace at the Las Vegas International film festival and had its US premiere at the Arizona International Film Festival, April 1–20, 2011 in Tuscon, Arizona!


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Peep Culture is a one-hour documentary film that is an insightful romp into a world where the internet and reality TV can make you a star.  Youtube and Chatroulette are high-speed versions… more…»


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