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PEEP CULTURE wins Gemini for Best Picture Editing! Congratulations to editors: Sally Blake and Avril Jacobson!

Big thanks to all that made it possible including Hal, Rachel, Elly, Andreas, Lisa, Sean, the Vancouver peepsters, David Lyle, Conlin Casting, Rob Galinsky, Reality TV school, Solitary producers Lincoln and Andrew, and countless others who allowed us to witness them!


PEEP CULTURE will be screening at the San Francsico Doc Fest in October 2011, Kansas City Film Festival, Brantford International Film Festival 2011, AND Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival! 

To date Peep has won a Silver Ace at the Las Vegas International film festival and had its US premiere at the Arizona International Film Festival, April 1–20, 2011 in Tuscon, Arizona!


About the Doc

Peep Culture is a one-hour documentary film that is an insightful romp into a world where the internet and reality TV can make you a star.  Youtube and Chatroulette are high-speed versions… more…»


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Chocolate Box Entertainment is the yummy fusion of two award winning producers – Jeannette Loakman and Sally Blake. Together we’ve got 20 years of television experience. We’ve hosted chat shows, produced current affairs, programmed television stations, commissioned as well as written, produced and directed a number of award winning films.


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