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Re-installation and next steps in the live lifecast

Posted by: Jet

So we had these great cameras from Dlink (Thanks Brian!) but they ended up not being compatible with streaming up to (boo hoo).

So now, we’re installing webcams into Hal’s place and putting up the feeds to 6 separate channels, and the Peepcast will pull in those feeds and we’ll have all 6 to watch on our new Peepcast page – Watch for that tomorrow!!!!!

Meanwhile, we still have to record the feeds except the quality of the webcams is really low – around 360 x 120 and we will need a much higher resolution for the film – SO! we’re now getting some surveillance cameras in that will record to DVRs.  This has all been last minute as the quality issues on these have been challenging – especially since the budget is limited.

Eddy from has stepped in and has sourced us some mediasonic DVRs that should take care of the recording and we can use some of our old cameras we had from Cat Ladies.  Then the webcams will sit just above the surveillance cameras and broadcast to the Peepcast.

We’re installing tomorrow morning – if you get a chance check out channel (there maybe thepeepdiaries1,2,3,4,5 & 6) and you can see the trouble we’re getting into. 

Five people in Hal’s tiny basement  – hope everyone has had a shower!

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Hal 24/7

Posted by: Jet

We’re just about there in figuring out how to put Hal under intensive scrutiny.  We’re going to put cameras in his house – in his basement, his bathroom, the kitchen, living room and dining room.  Come July 16th Hal should be “Hal.24/7”.

We put in two more DSL internet connections (dry loops) and a cable internet connection – so he’ll have his own Bell service, our two Bell internet services and a Rogers one on top.  We put in all these services to get as much upload bandwidth as possible – apparently up to 1Mbps per internet connection – so 3 Mbps maximum.

We had a great conversation with d-Link about their surveillance cameras and we’re doing a special rental deal on a VPN Firewall DFL-800 and about 5 DCS-3410 cameras.  We’ll also have a webcam camera for the can. 

Each of the cameras will link to a computer – the computer will both store the feed for us to use at a higher resolution in the edit suite, AND send an adapted resolution feed to the DFL-800 for upload.  The DFL-800 assigns the cameras to a set internet connection so we’ll have at least 0.5Mbps picture quality. 

That’s the input, and the output will be serviced through

We want to put each camera feed up to – who uses a flash server.  They will then host the multiple camera feeds and offer a chatroom.  Our website would then gather the feeds and the chat room using various APIs for you guys to watch and comment.

As a beta I’m going to set up the Chocolate Box Entertainment reception area under a livestream tomorrow afternoon.  Watch the tweets!

I hope you do watch and comment, because we need you to participate! 

I also hope it all goes smoothly…


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Faster Pussycat!

Posted by: Jet

I’ve decided to upgrade my internet service to faster! or rather “lite” but faster! 

I was watching the proverbial YouTube and it just became apparent that the download speed was just not cutting it with my daughter and her peers.   I say, “hey! What’s wrong with getting a cup of tea while the lolcats are loading?”.  Alas and alack!  I will be the reason for her eventual casting out of the “heathers” and her life will be ruined for-like-ever if I don’t upgrade and those cute pussycats don’t get to dance at proper speed.

Similarly rumblings have been going on with Hal and his internet service – except he was balking at the upgrade – afraid of losing his grandfathered internet service with its unlimited download capacity so he might lose all those TV shows he’s bit-torrenting down instead of paying cable like the rest of us…

Hey Hal!  That’s where our broadcast licence fees come from! (sometimes).

So will download in the fast lane make my daughter more popular? Or will I just go the way of Hal and be tempted to snatch more torrent off the web?

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Rate Hal!

Posted by: Sally

Hi everyone,

We want to get Hal some feedback on his blogging so far. Has he been doing a good job of ‘sharing’? Of revealing his personal side? What about his Facebook account? Do you feel you know him any better now than you did before? Or does he keep it too professional, too ‘managed’?

We’re looking for your feedback and you don’t have to be kind! Just send a comment to this blog and tell us everything that’s on your mind.

And stay tuned…full documentary production starts next week and we’re looking for people to get involved!

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Behind the scenes of Hal’s book tour

Posted by: Sally

The ups and downs of the book tour circuit, peep style!

I recently tagged along with Hal on his US book tour and took our little handycam along for the ride. I was doing double duty, scouting possible film locations and meeting up with potential interviewees at the same time. Along the way I was able to get to a few of Hal’s events and follow the action.

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