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Springing into the Blog

Posted by: Jet

Here I am on blogjet – appropriate doncha think?

The sun’s shining and it looks like Spring outside.  Except it’s hard not to look at the work side of Spring…  like cleaning up the garden, facing up to the mess in the mudroom, the possibility that my body will now have to reveal itself to the general public and it looks less than the svelte image I have in mind and more like a pudding. 

I guess that’s how Spring Cleaning came about and why it gets more important as I get older – more stuff that needs looking after, more waist to look after, etc.  If I work hard at cleaning isn’t it almost a workout…??

Well Spring also means spring shopping!  So with that in mind, perhaps the best way to tackle the mess around the house is to LEAVE it! 

Now where is my credit card?….



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Posted by: Jet

I’ve been a documentary / television producer for nearly 10 years now.  I started in current affairs being a gob on an interview show then I became a news reporter for local news and learnt how to use props as well as my gob.  Now I’m a producer doing documentaries and I can fill in paperwork, use my gob, and juggle with props… okay maybe not the juggling.  One of the aspects of Peep Me and peep is about how immediate and raw it is - the idea of real on reel.
I’m doing a documentary film course too (just for interest sakes although it will earn me a precious credit towards a degree (more on that later perhaps)) and the overarching question is when is a documentary a documentary? What is a documentary? The best definition in my opinion is a film that attempts to stalk the Real, but as one wonderfully eccentric philosopher (Zizek) claims that’s impossible.  The REAL is immediate, unmediated, and experienced - it cannot be captured on film/video because it no longer becomes immediate, it is mediated and it is 2-d and not experienced in the sens of a full body experience. 
Early documentaries were scripted and formatted - a playout of a real life - Nanook didn’t exist, early Grierson docs were essays on films, avant-garde documentaries that played with what was real, city symphonies

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