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Reality Bites - morsel #1

Posted by: Jet

image1112911843.jpgSo we’re in Los Angeles today shooting some b-roll to set up our visits with Reality TV prez David Lyle and Sheila Conlin from Conlin Casting (who cast for Hells Kitchen and other reality shows) AND our shoot thus weekend at the Reality TV school!
Turns out they’ll be a news crew from Sweden, a Uk news team, possibly another doc crew and a doc series pilot crew shooting as well!  With us too-there’s going to be more cameras than people and the soundbites will be snapping through the air!

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Hollywood - Here We Come!

Posted by: Jet

This week it’s time for Hal and the documentary crew to go to Hollywood!

Look out for some livecasting from LA – their first port of call will be FOX Reality – premier destination of unscripted programming! – and its president David Lyle.  

We’ll be chatting with him and then going to the set of Solitary –

Then it’s some filming round LA looking at the origins of celeb and then time with casting agents Conlin Company who cast for reality shows. 

Wonder if Hal cuts the grade to make it on TV reality?

Watch and see!

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mobile livecast is a go!

Posted by: Jet

so I spent most of last Friday on my hands and knees with everyone else, putting in webcams, hooking up computers, and installing surveillance cameras.  And my other speciality – shopping for equipment and trying to label everything!

This week’s gone fairly smoothly and the peepcast is looking good after a few minor hiccups early in the week – the chat screen too far away from the livecast, cameras not behaving, motion sensors not working, the DVRS (that we use to record the motion separately from the webcams and misbehaving, and various cables lost in transit.

The past few days have been for me an exploration into bluetooth, 3G tethering and mobile livecasting.  Finally we have Hal’s netbook rigged up with his Nokia N95 and 3G plan, and the logitech camera. 

I’ve been experimenting with Qik, Mobila, and Wwigo – interesting direct livestreaming/mobile camera apps for the N95 camera – but they’re not as smooth and reliable as webcams.

I think Hal is ready now to livecast and watch his peepcast for some roving peep!

(I hope it works).

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Eddy the Man

Posted by: Sally

So we finally got the peepcast working! It was kind of touch and go there for a while because the original plan to simultaneously upload the peepcast and download high quality images using DLink cameras didn’t work. It was a mad scramble to try and come up with a workable fix so what we ended up doing was using webcams for the peepcast and installing surveillance cameras just underneath the webcams to capture a similar looking image to a device known as a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Stepping into the breach to hook us up with the surveillance equipment was Eddy Stevens at Security Stores in Concord, Ontario.

Eddy was awesome and basically dropped everything to source the cameras, DVRs and motion control devices that lets us record when the action is happening. Technically speaking, we can record all of Hal’s movements for the next two weeks and never even change the drive (size of a small book).

Eddy is a total pro. His expertise has been used on the sets of reality based TV shows such as Global’s “The Office Temps” and Debbie Travis’ “From the Ground Up”. He’s been obsessed with electronics since he was an 11 year old bumming around his dad’s basement workroom. In 1999 Eddy’s company got into the Guiness Book of Record for creating the “smallest video transmitter in the world”.

Well, we didn’t use the smallest camera for this production but we certainly used Eddy’s experience. If you ever need anything in the surveillance camera vein, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys!


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Cottage peep experience

Posted by: Sally

My boyfriend and I recently organized an apartment/cottage swap for the summer and ventured up to Bancroft, Ontario for the first time last weekend to survey our summery home. It was beautiful…but that’s not the point of this blog.

Our guide was John Grant, father of Maggie Grant who owned the cottage. He met us at the lake marina, showed us how to operate Maggie’s pepto bismol pink boat and took us over to the cottage where he helped us turn everything on etc.. He was a jolly fellow, 70 years old with silvery white hair and a twinkle in his eye. I discovered we hailed from the same home town - neon Niagara Falls - where he was a high school principal (he had that kind of teachery habit of describing everything in minute detail). I kind of assumed I knew everything there was to know about John in the first five minutes of meeting him, which is always a bad idea, and in this case I was wrong again. Turns out that John is also an avid surfer and kite boarder and absolutely addicted to Facebook. He is constantly taking pictures of his surfing antics and his peeping activities turned into a website with a dedicated fanbase: For J.ohn, peeping about riding the waves provides him with a whole new layer of social activity and support that he wouldn’t have otherwise and it just goes to show how cross-generational peep really is.

John Grant_small.jpg

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