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Please don’t make this a full flight!!!  Please, please, please!!


Posted by: Jet

Latest news is that we’re going to premiere at the Arizona International Film Festival!  April 1–20, 2011 – Hope they have some budget to send us!

I’d love to go to Arizona – always a dream of mine to tour the “four corner states”

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Big Thanks to Everyone!!

Posted by: Jet

We had a lot of fun with the livecast of PEEP CULTURE and I want to thank everyone who came online and in person to join us:  Hal, Avril (the editor), Mark (the DOP), Andrew (The Commissioning Editor), Andreas (the interactive producer), Robin (supportive gf of the DOP), Sally (online from her bathroom in Paris), Cork (tech guy who helped me fart around with Ustream), Lincoln, Lisa, Melanie (aka “the Hotness”), Marissa, Erin (our amazing online outreach), Emmalene (wunder Youtuber), Embiggened, Orie (big brother), and Rob!!!! (Pod #4).

I’m sure there were others that I have missed – and I apologise, but thanks for making the evening a lot of fun. 

If you missed the film – it’s going to be on again MARCH 5th on CBC News Network at 10PM!!!!

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Almost there!

Posted by: Jet

This is the scary bit when the film is about to premiere and all the production work is done and the publicity machine has rocked and rolled….

Will the broadcast work?  Will the Ustream work okay?  Will anyone watch?

Hal and I have beers and vodka and we’ll be livecasting at – hopefully others will join us online and send us some chat so we can entertain you during the commercial breaks too.

If you can’t join us online but you can watch the broadcast and want to play along – just take a shot everytime you hear the words “peep” “brand” “Hal” “online”… you get the idea…



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Posted by: Jet

PEEP CULTURE premiere’s tonight and we’re going to do a little livecast of it ourselves on USTREAM.

If you can – watch the show on CBC News Network at 10pm EST and go online to to watch Hal and I chat about the film and take any IM questions.

See you tonight!!!!

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Posted by: Sally

It’s not every day a musician has to play live to images of Hal in the bathroom. Hats off to the brave men and women who put together our fabulous musical score under the direction of composer Phil Strong!


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Big Thanks to Everyone!!

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