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As the snow starts to accumulate, for some of us – it’s a time to huddle inside and start spending some serious time in front of a screen.  Whether its a Television set or a computer screen or even an ipad or iphone screen, we seem to be spending an awful lot of time engaging in a 16:9 or 4:3 version of reality.

On the one hand, it’s giving a lot of people a vicarious means to watch and experience other places and people in the world, with the ability to connect with them and be part of a community – whether it’s one where the sole interest is so niche there maybe only a handful of other people with the same interest in the same city, or a huge broad interest and yet the online connects you to strangers and you make “friends”.

On the other hand, it’s distancing us from real “reality” and our next door neighbours.  Could it be deluding us into thinking we’re much more important than we are?  Do we tailor our behaviour to please the virtual television and online friends/community more than the physical one we actually live with on a daily basis? 

PEEP CULTURE explores how we are changing and how the virtual lives of reality tv and online cewebrity are now within anyone’s grasp.  We can all be famous now.  But what are people doing now to gain fame and bandwidth?

PEEP CULTURE will be a 43:30 film on CBC News Network and Canal D, airing 2011.  A 60’ film will also be avaialble for international sales and festival release by late January.


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