The Politics of Peep

Posted by Sally

I’ve been thinking about peep and politics lately. By that I mean – does Peep have the power to change our participation in small and big P politics in either a positive or negative way? First off, a friend forwarded me a link to this Huffpost article:

In it, the author talks about Israeli mash-up artist Kutiman’s ‘ThruYou’ album, which is basically a mash-up of individual YouTube music offerings. It’s actually a brilliant concept and an amazing example of how creativity morphs in the age of peep.

Timothy Karr, the author of the article, hopes this is just the beginning, and will spread to our political consciousness as well. “We no longer limit our political involvement to television ads and the polling booth. This means organizing via Facebook, “Googling” candidates to learn more, joining text-messaging lists and creating Twitter hash tags to stay ahead of our issues.”

This is undoubtedly true – to a certain extent, but how much can technology really change the barricades of race and class? I’m not sure.

At the same time, I went to see “RIP: the remix manifesto” by Brett Gaylor (and shot by Mark Ellam, our very own DOP!). It’s a doc inspired by Larry Lessig’s book “Remix” about the free-culture generation (ie, copyright laws have gone bezerk and technology has trumped the outdated corporate controlled model anyway). Again, the msg was: if allowed to operate freely the internet equals democracy and power to the people (or at least cool people with great hair and cute boxer shorts). Check out the trailer for RIP at:

Then the convenient post masters at Google Alerts popped the following article into my in-box:

Muhammad Ayish - professor of communication at the University of Sharjah - talks about how trash reality tv shows have been pushing the envelope of what’s culturally acceptable in Arab countries and encouraging active viewer participation in traditionally passive political societies.

So all of this is swirling about my head and I wonder – will peep radically change our political lives? What do you think? I’m taking votes!


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