Prepping in Paris

Posted by Sally

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Hello from Paris, in the 9th arrondissement, where I live when I’m not in Toronto. I’m here until the end of the month and taking advantage of the quiet time to work on the shooting script for ‘Peep Me’. It’s a long, slooowwww process let me tell you. Mainly because the peep world is so rife with interesting people/widgets/stories/scandals that it’s very difficult to find a focus! Just this morning I turned on my computer and before I knew it 3 hours had vanished down the Youtube/Facebook/web hole of doom. I read an interesting piece by Jamais Cascio on “continuous partial empathy” when social networking got a, tweet from Danah Boyd re: celebrity obsession and got an FB from producer friend in D.C. re: her new show on Al Jaz called ‘Fault Lines’. Really excellent - everybody should watch it!

And now I’m writing my blog…

And of course there are all the OTHER films you have to work on at the same time because if you don’t you’ll have nothing to do when you’re finished the one you’re making! I can’t go into too many details but one that I’m very hopeful will find some money is a co-production with France about a Cdn gold mine in Chile called Pascua Lama (which is why I was talking to my producer friend in D.C. because she had done some work for us on the first treatment…You see how this can all get out of hand.)

So back to Peep Prep. Over the next few weeks it’s all about finding the focus. A documentary is not just about delivering the facts - it’s an emotional journey as well, a reflection mediated through actual experience. Cram too many things into it and it loses it’s soul. So what’s absolutely necessary for us to tell our story?

Hal I suppose. Can’t get rid of him!


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Lisa Sargese

“a reflection mediated through actual experience”...I like it. I think Hal’s encounters can help to make the doc an Odyssey of sorts. Watching Hal being uncomfortable and therefore forced to grow will be entertaining and hopefully enlightening for him…and us…and you!






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