New York City Book Tour

Posted by Sally

Just got back from NYC where Hal was touring with ‘The Peep Diaries’. The trip doubled as a research scout for me and I met some fabulous people, including the lovely Lisa Sargese who welcomed me into her home and was wonderful and open about her blog, a 3 year post-gastric bypass odyssey. For Lisa there’s no point in doing anything without an audience and I love her frankness about this. Very peep!

Lisa S, small.jpg

Other folks I met with were:

Robert Galinsky, founder of the New York Reality TV School and a co-founder of Pseudo, a pioneering internet broadcasting company in the 90s that he started with Josh Harris, subject of the brilliant documentary “We Live in Public”. Robert is going to put Hal through his school to try and help Hal become a reality tv star. Good luck Robert!

Cynthia Hetherington, a smart, tough private investigator from New Jersey with great hair and nails and an impressive knowledge of internet security. We had a beer at the Newark Airport and started plotting how we were going to dig up everything there is to know about Hal online to show just what happens to all this information we’re peeping about ourselves. Where does it go and how can it come back to bite us on the ass?

I also went to meet with the developers of W’s newest hotel/residency right near ground zero. The project, designed by architects Jeremy Fletcher and Alejandra Lillo, is an ode to peep architecture and a step above open concept. I personally love the peek-a-boo toilet. We were hoping to film in the showroom but unfortunately it won’t work because it’s buried in this black lightless building that really doesn’t do the project any justice. Hopefully there’ll be enough of the building built by September to film an actual apartment…or else we’ll have to try and find other architectural examples of peep openness…

We also shot a couple of book events with Hal that were absolutely hilarious, including Hal giving away free books in exchange for people’s secrets and a guest spot on the Joey Reynold’s show which was so beyond surreal I don’t know where to start. I think I’ll let Hal tell you about that one…but stay tuned for some video.


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New York City Book Tour

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