Livecasting our Premiere!

Posted by Jet

Hal and I were noodling things to do to make the premiere more of an event and one idea is to “livecast” the premiere with us chatting about the film and taking tweet questions and responding to IM chat during the commercial breaks.

We have our accounts still active and they seem to link into our peepcast page still!

So watch this space and hopefully all of the people who worked with us and helped us and watched us can participate in the premiere.

We may have work into a DOC night out here in Toronto – so who knows we could also have a live audience too!

I’m quite excited … maybe i can persuade Sally to wake up early and join us at 4am her time to join in too – HA!  Serve her right for moving to Paris…


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I’m the mother of a 9 month old. Waking up in the middle of the night is an occupational hazard. Who knows, maybe I’ll show up in person?

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Livecasting our Premiere!

Posted by Jet


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