justin tv in the office

Posted by Jet

In advance of putting a camera into Hals life I thought I’d put one in mine- or rather “ours” as the producers.
So hooked up a wide angle webcam into a corner of the office and tried it.  It had audio as well and I fed it into the Justin Tv site into a channel named “jetloakman”.  It has twitter and a link to Facebook.
We tried it for about 2 hours and found it strangely exciting!  There was about a 5 second delay which made it funnier.
I’m going to hook it up for longer next week and see about putting together a broadcast schedule with some other older Docs from before.  I’d be curious if other people will find me without me poking them to view it…
Watch this blog as I put it into action- don’t think Sal’s as excited as me though!


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justin tv in the office

Posted by Jet


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