Hal gets soapy in the shower

Posted by Sally

Filming has begun! We wanted to get a baseline of Hal’s life ‘pre-peep’. In other words, before we invade his home with cameras and microphones and make his life viewable 24/7. Hal is a very private guy who lives beneath a carefully constructed curmudgeon-like writer’s persona. He doesn’t reveal much about his personal feelings and he doesn’t lead a particularly interesting life…these are the elements we wanted to capture to set the stage for Hal’s plunge into peep. How will living under the camera’s gaze change him? What will he learn about peep on the way?

Of course capturing the normal banalities of life isn’t that easy to do. You’ve got to set up lights, you’ve got to hook him up to a lav mic, you’ve got to tell him what to do and when so that we can roll the camera at the right time. It’s all very constructed…and yet none of it is a lie. He really does make bagels for breakfast, he does take naps in the middle of the afternoon, and he does have a shower everyday. Does he act totally differently when we’re filming him doing it? Probably a bit, although that will change as we do more and more of this and he starts to forget the cameras are there.

Speaking of showers, here’s Hal lathering up for the lens:

Sudsy closeup_SM.jpg

I think he got off lightly. A colleague of mine recently chopped up onions to make somebody cry in a family breakdown scene for a Toronto lifestyle program. Now that’s a bit dicey!


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Suzanne Mullett

Can’t wait to see this!






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Hal gets soapy in the shower

Posted by Sally


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