Faster Pussycat!

Posted by Jet

I’ve decided to upgrade my internet service to faster! or rather “lite” but faster! 

I was watching the proverbial YouTube and it just became apparent that the download speed was just not cutting it with my daughter and her peers.   I say, “hey! What’s wrong with getting a cup of tea while the lolcats are loading?”.  Alas and alack!  I will be the reason for her eventual casting out of the “heathers” and her life will be ruined for-like-ever if I don’t upgrade and those cute pussycats don’t get to dance at proper speed.

Similarly rumblings have been going on with Hal and his internet service – except he was balking at the upgrade – afraid of losing his grandfathered internet service with its unlimited download capacity so he might lose all those TV shows he’s bit-torrenting down instead of paying cable like the rest of us…

Hey Hal!  That’s where our broadcast licence fees come from! (sometimes).

So will download in the fast lane make my daughter more popular? Or will I just go the way of Hal and be tempted to snatch more torrent off the web?


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A “Heathers” reference?  HAH!  Amazing!






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Faster Pussycat!

Posted by Jet


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