Cottage peep experience

Posted by Sally

My boyfriend and I recently organized an apartment/cottage swap for the summer and ventured up to Bancroft, Ontario for the first time last weekend to survey our summery home. It was beautiful…but that’s not the point of this blog.

Our guide was John Grant, father of Maggie Grant who owned the cottage. He met us at the lake marina, showed us how to operate Maggie’s pepto bismol pink boat and took us over to the cottage where he helped us turn everything on etc.. He was a jolly fellow, 70 years old with silvery white hair and a twinkle in his eye. I discovered we hailed from the same home town - neon Niagara Falls - where he was a high school principal (he had that kind of teachery habit of describing everything in minute detail). I kind of assumed I knew everything there was to know about John in the first five minutes of meeting him, which is always a bad idea, and in this case I was wrong again. Turns out that John is also an avid surfer and kite boarder and absolutely addicted to Facebook. He is constantly taking pictures of his surfing antics and his peeping activities turned into a website with a dedicated fanbase: For J.ohn, peeping about riding the waves provides him with a whole new layer of social activity and support that he wouldn’t have otherwise and it just goes to show how cross-generational peep really is.

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Cottage peep experience

Posted by Sally


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