Canadians top of the peep?

Posted by Jet

Finally Canadians are number 1!  Not our GDP or our standard of living or even our extreme weather… but the time we spend online.

And I plead guilty.  My kids would plead guilty even more – if I let them.

But what does it mean?  So we spend more time online, tweet about Justin Beiber more than other countries, we watch more Youtube (per capita) than any other country, and we check Wikipedia more than other countries!

Turns out there are no stats in this article about how much content we’re creating on Youtube and we’re only number 8 in editing Wikipedia – so there’s no indication that Canadians are premier in shaping what’s online - other than the Bieber – maybe we just the number one consumers. 

Which is kind of sad.


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Canadians top of the peep?

Posted by Jet


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