Big Thanks to Everyone!!

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We had a lot of fun with the livecast of PEEP CULTURE and I want to thank everyone who came online and in person to join us:  Hal, Avril (the editor), Mark (the DOP), Andrew (The Commissioning Editor), Andreas (the interactive producer), Robin (supportive gf of the DOP), Sally (online from her bathroom in Paris), Cork (tech guy who helped me fart around with Ustream), Lincoln, Lisa, Melanie (aka “the Hotness”), Marissa, Erin (our amazing online outreach), Emmalene (wunder Youtuber), Embiggened, Orie (big brother), and Rob!!!! (Pod #4).

I’m sure there were others that I have missed – and I apologise, but thanks for making the evening a lot of fun. 

If you missed the film – it’s going to be on again MARCH 5th on CBC News Network at 10PM!!!!


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Lisa Sargese

It was a real pleasure to be part of the viewing party with everyone!

It all went by so fast. After all that preparation and hard work, poof, it was over like a Thanksgiving dinner.

I loved, loved, loved my segment. After reading Hal’s book I was concerned that you would only concentrate on the blog as Hal did. I was so pleased to see you use the vids. Very effective editing of all those elements! Nice job, Avril!

The doc played well as a news piece with heart, but I am really looking forward to the longer DVD. As one of the onlookers from Day One it was interesting to watch Hal change his attitude the more he immersed himself in Peep. When he first called me to interview me for the book and Playboy article I thought he came off as a cynical intellectual. After watching (peeping), reading and then meeting him he seems more like a shlubby kinda likable cynical intellectual, one that you root for as you watch.

I think the full length doc will present more of that transformation. It will make a really cool feature film DVD. I hope the DVD includes the horrifying hairy Hal video, more on the famous sandwich and more of Hal ruminating as he travels and peeps so we can really see his changing attitude.

I will do whatever I can do to help promote the DVD here in the states. Not sure how but we’ll figure something out!

Seeing myself on TV was a thrill like no other which is why I’m writing all this here rather than in a private email. I truly am a voracious Peep-ee. Maybe growing up as an only child convinced of my won exceptionalism by my mother made me an attention hungry adult. Whatever the reason, I really can get addicted to the high of being seen (can get or am addicted? lol).

My friends who tuned into the PeepCast were delighted to see the cats on screen! We were hoping that my feeding Hurley from my mouth would make the final cut. It did. We couldn’t be happier.

When the DVD is finished we can talk about possibly having a viewing at Montclair State where we’d also have a discussion of the ramifications of Peep. Esmilda (Director of our Women’s Center) is thinking of calling it ‘Peep and the Socially Responsible Digital Citizen’ or something like that. My wider group of friends and colleagues are very excited to see the finished product.

All in all it has been a real joy ride to be part of this project. I loved working with you all! I hope we can continue the successful momentum as we move toward the DVD release.







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Big Thanks to Everyone!!

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