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The Peep Culture DVD has been released and is available for sale on the site. Get your copy here!

Peep: “Watching Ourselves & Our Neighbours”

Features: Read it, Watch it, Share it.

PEEP CULTURE now available on DVD!

“PEEP CULTURE is a compelling documentary which showcases vital and relevant tensions surrounding privacy and self-exposure today” – Elizabeth Podnieks, Associate Professor, Department of English, Ryerson University, Toronto

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What is Peep?

Online and on TV exists a never-ending spectacle of bodies and souls willing to bare all in the name of entertainment, self-betterment, and instantaneous recognition. Think Reality TV, Youtube, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and more.  We’ve traded privacy for notoriety and in the process reinvented mass culture.  Forget Pop Culture – we’re living in the age of Peep Culture. 

The Documentary

Pimping our lives for fame, fortune and friendship – one follower at a time.

Peep Culture plunges the lonely and ornery Hal into the very thing he abhors – sharing himself and his life with others… Find out more about the film… 

The Peep Diaries Book:

Peep Culture: A Doc:

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It’s an oldSkool Book too!

The Peep Diaries was released by City Lights Books in May of 2009

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Book News and Reviews:

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Las Vegas Review-Journal Loves Peep

Peep Culture is now in post-production and will air on The Lens on CBC Newsworld in the 2010/11 season.

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Producer Blog:

Join Sally & Jeannette as they blog about all their experiences while making the documentary.

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Hey, I’m Hal Niedzviecki. I’m a writer/thinker who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my wife and daughter. Up till now I’ve… more…

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