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Las Vegas Review-Journal Loves Peep

Nice review in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Here’s the last sentence of the review:

“All I know is that it’s time to post my review on Goodreads, order three more books from Amazon and update my Facebook status: “You all need to read ‘The Peep Diaries.’ ”

A peek into ‘The Peep Diaries’ and your privacy - The Book Nook - ReviewJournal.com_1285866395005


Peep in the London Review of Books  

The Peep Diaries is described as a “bracingly informal book” in a 5 book essay/review that appeared in the recent issue of the London Review of Books. Check out the whole piece here. The other books discussed are

The Accidental Billionaires: Sex, Money, Betrayal and the Founding of Facebook by Ben Mezrich
The Young and the Digital: What the Migration to Social Network Sites, Games and Anytime, Anywhere Media Means for Our Future by Craig Watkins
Stealing MySpace: The Battle to Control the Most Popular Website in America by Julia Angwin
The Tyranny of Email: The Four Thousand Year Journey to your Inbox by John Freeman



Turkish Edition of Peep Diaries  

…is now available. Apparently it is doing well and has been reviewed by 4 newspapers. If you read Turkish, you can read a review of the book in the newspaper Radikal here.

What follows are the first couple of sentences:

Gündelik hayatta ya?ananlar?n mutlaka kavramsal kar??l??? vard?r. Bu kar??l?k ya haz?rd?r yada olaylar?n olgu derecesine yükselmesiyle olu?ur. Dil zorlan?r. Dil k?m?ldar. Tam da Deniz Baykal örne?inden hareket edildi?inde, nesnenin özne kar??s?ndaki zaferinden söz edilebilir.





Pacific Sun Review of Peep

Marin County newspaper review of Peep. Check it out here:

This is the last couple of sentences:

“And as the Peep Diaries discovers, the more we become connected by computers through our obsessions with “reality,” the more disconnected we become from reality. For anyone interested in what the last two decades have found us immersed in, Niedzviecki’s book is a must-read.”


Peep is “Dark-Horse Nominee for Book of the Year”

William McKeen, chairman of the University of Florida’s Department of Journalism, has named The Peep Diaries his “Dark-Horse Nominee for Book of the Year” in his Book Blog on Florida’s The Daily Loaf.

He writes:

“This has been much on my mind lately because of The Peep Diaries (City Lights Books, $17.95) by Hal Niedzvieck(above). This book has preoccupied me since it came out in the summer and I’m wondering if it might end up being one of those prescient, influential books like David Reisman’s The Lonely Crowd. As everyone else starts the December look back at the year, this is my dark-horse nominee for most significant book of 2009.”


My dark-horse nominee for book of the year - Daily Loaf_1261746945118



Peep Diaries on Now Magazine’s Best of 2009 List

Toronto’s Now Magazine has Peep on its best of 2009 list, give it a read here.

“Niedzviecki looks at what he calls peep culture and the social ramifications of people’s passion for watching and being watched. Really smart.”

NOW Magazine -- Books -- Susan G. Cole’sTop 10 Books_1261745079755

NOW Magazine -- Books -- Susan G. Cole’sTop 10 Books_1261746129523


Peep Diaries A Globe and Mail Top Book 2009

Happy to say that The Peep Diaries appears on the Globe and Mail Top 100 books of 2009 list. Check it out.

Best100Social studiesThe Globe and Mail_1259588579665


Enjoy the Peep Show: Review in Reason Magazine

A short review of The Peep Diaries in the October issue of Reason Magazine is here.


Hal Talks Peep in the Edmonton Journal

I love the opening of this interview!

The interview with Hal Niedzviecki is off to a limping start.

The Canadian culture critic answers the phone in a distracted sort of way, with the sound of click-clicking in the background.

I know that sound. It’s the sound of attention in split screen: Phone conversation one side, Internet conversation on the other.

Me: “Are you addicted to the Internet, Hal?”

Niedzviecki: “No. Maybe. Yes.”

Nice. Read the rest of this interview in the Edmonton Journal.

'Peep culture' edmontonjournal


Hal on the cover of FastForward

Hey nice feature on Peep including a cool cover shot in Calgary’s alternative weekly FastForward. I’ll be in Calgary and Banff next week, doing a bunch of events at Calgary’s great literary festival WordFest. More on that shortly, but here’s a link to my events at the festival next week.



The Book: The Peep Diaries

The Peep Diaries will be Published by City Lights Books in May 2009
ISBN 1991022

Buy The Peep Diaries Right Now:
In the United States:
In Canada: Chapters/Indigo Amazon:


The Publisher: City Lights

City Lights Books

City Lights Publishers

In June of 1955, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, co-founder of City Lights Bookstore, launched City Lights Publications with the Pocket Poets Series. The first volume was a collection of his own poems, Pictures of the Gone World, which has since become a classic of beat literature and… more...


Author! Author!

Hal Niedzviecki is a writer, culture commentator and editor whose work challenges preconceptions and confronts readers with the offenses of everyday life. He is the author of six books including the novel The Program and the nonfiction book The Peep Diaries: How We’re Learning to Love Watching Ourselves… more...