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Sample Chapters

Chapter 3: Becoming a Peep (Product) Person (excerpt)

She calls herself Padme, though her real name is far less exotic. She lives in the Fraser Valley, not far from the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Her blog often features pictures of the snow-capped hills, lush foliage and blue waterways that are so much a part of this Pacific Northwest rainforest.
Padme lives in a standard suburban community. Her husband works full time. She stays home and takes care of the kids. Her eldest turned seven not that long ago. When I say standard suburb I mean that, like most communities in the developed world, Padme’s is a quasi-community. Padme has friends and neighbors though her sister, who she’s closest with, lives far away. As with most of us, it’s not our loose network of neighbors, companions and relatives who are ultimately responsible for our health, safety and well being. These are state responsibilities.
Padme is a little bit lonely. She doesn’t have a lot of close friends. She describes her family as “looking like a typical traditional family.” In 2005, she started a blog. The blog was a way to branch out, find new pals and express herself. At first she was reluctant: “I thought who would read what I write? I’m not a very good writer.” But she went ahead and started the blog anyway. She writes about her family life:
I just found out that Chuck E Cheese where we are going to have Skywalker’s birthday party had a pipe burst and they canceled his party on us…The woman on the phone didn’t seem to think it was a big deal but we have a ton of kids and people coming to the birthday later and now we have to try to find somewhere else. Also all the loot bags and cake and package was done through Chuck E Cheese. Now we have a lot of running around to do. Urg!!

She writes about her health:

The surgery went well. I have to go back and see my Doctor next week to talk about it further. They are doing some tests on the polyp I had removed from my uterus during the D&C that they did on me. I am not sure yet if I will need more surgery or not for my fibroids. The uncertainty of it all has me feeling cranky. I have no patience and I want to start feeling better soon.

And then there’s this:
The kids were back to school today and Master was back to work again after the holiday break. I was a bit worried I might be lonely today but I was glad to have the place back to myself again and I had also been given permission to use my Hitatchi and masturbate this morning. It’s been weeks since I last had the chance for some private time with my favorite vibrator. I forgot how good it feels to start the day with masturbation. I had a really big orgasm and am feeling really relaxed today and getting back to normal with my routine again.

Yup, you read that right. Padme has a secret life. It’s her secret life that has brought over one-and-a-half million people to “Journey to the Darkside” since it started. Padme’s blog evokes the ominous allure of Darth Vader and garners three to four thousand visitors a day. Not bad for a house wife writing about her kid’s canceled birthday party. Padme also writes about her husband spanking her. She writes about giving him lengthy, elaborate fellatio sessions. She writes about her need to be dominated by the man she calls Master Anakin, the man she’s been, as she tells me, “married to for 4 years, living with for 12 years, and best friends with for 18 years.”
But the blog is more than just a way to make friends and express herself. Who is Padme? Depends on who you ask.  If you live next door to her she’s a mom and a neighbor. If you are the random porn afficionado lurking on her blog, watching the videos she sometimes uploads of her round white ass being spanked crimson red, she’s your wet dream come true: a middle class, middle aged woman so horny and willing she gives it away for free. If you are part of her geographically dispersed group of men and women in similar “total power exchange relationships” (as she puts it), Padme is a brave explorer of alternative sexuality, a fellow practitioner of a distinct lifestyle. (“He makes all the decisions,” Padme tells me when I ask about the details of a ‘total power exchange’ relationship.) She’s the kind of woman who, in the same paragraph, can complain about her son’s birthday party being abruptly canceled and note that it “doesn’t look like I’m going to be getting my spanking today with dealing with all this birthday stuff.”
Padme doesn’t use her real name on the blog and doesn’t show her face in the pictures and videos she uploads. So who is Padme? She’s the (semi) anonymous citizen of Peep, denizen of a world in which the insatiable desire for the secret turns what is hidden into a precious commodity – so long as it is revealed.
“We’re not just one specific topic,” she tells me when I ask her about the popularity of her blog. “A lot of people seem to like that we’re really open. We’re not just spanking or sex. I think people are fascinated with us. There’s definitely a lot of lurkers, a lot of return visitors. People are curious. They want to know what we’re doing next.”


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