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Weird, Hilarious, Creepy Screen Shots of Lifecasting Chat :comments

Posted by Hal
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I’ve been pretty obsessed with the whole lifecasting/Justin.tv broadcasting thing this week, obviously, since I’m broadcasting 7 different feeds live to the ‘Net 24 hours a day. (Obviously I’m not actually in the feeds 24 hours a day, though I’m trying to stay in the picture for as much as humanly possible.) Anyway, wanted to share a few screen grabs of the chats, with some commentary. So here goes. Peepcastchatdemonsadist


In the screen shot above, director Sally is filming me. I just said the number of the place where I get my hair cut out loud as I was writing it down. A delightful fellow named Demon Sadist pounced on this exciting development and writes “got it. ask her what she wants me to do to her”. He includes the number to prove how sharp he is. 


At the time this screen grab was taken 49 viewers were watching the bathroom in the basement where I occasionally take a leak. Over 4000 viewers in a few days! The dialogue includes: “Is there girl? Why is there camera in the bathroom? Where is the girl?”


Another bathroom cam screen grab taken around the same time. Chat dialogue: Roxeecam: “Why is someone lifecasting their bathroom? And why are there 66 people here waiting for the moment to happen?” Steamyleamy: “nothing will ever happen, its an experiment to see how many perverts will actually watch and wait…yet the viewers is increasing.” Then, at 7:21, it actually happens: I go the bathroom. ghost2218: “ok pevery to tha xtreme!” emmuscat: “caw caw.” The excitement when I finally use the toilet is palpable. What the hell does “caw caw” mean? 


Finally there’s this above. Just grabbed this. The pic shows me in the basement, you can see my hairy back. Pretty impressive, eh? But the chat is responding to the scene a few minutes before, when Me and W. were relaxing on the couch with the living room camera live. Someone named Peepviewer kept a running commentary despite the fact that we were obviously just watching tv and not chatting or looking at the chat. 9:48 Peepviewer: “It’s a toss as to which is more interesting, you or Raymond.” 9:49: “”Oh look you’ve got a large vertical over your couch; I’m contemplating hanging prints, still think a horizontal would go better over the couch. 9:50 “Oh well, this is as as much as i can stand, laterz.”. Then at 10:32: “Looks like your bedtime. Don’t let me keep you up. I feel like I’m intruding, rather uncomfortable.”


Comments: -2-, Add yours…

Hi it’s me, peepviewer. I read your comments above about my running chat, even though it was obvious you and your wife were not chatting.

Who cares if you were chatting or not?

I wrote that stuff for when you did read it, and I knew you would eventually. Your the guys who have your cameras on so that people can watch you, whether your chatting or not, so if I feel like leaving comments or feedback (which is what I was doing), then I use the methods available, the easiest being just typing in the chat box.

I was also trying to help you, give you some feedback as it were. What’s the point of people watching, and you don’t know there there, or what they’re thinking? Unless of course, I tell you.

Why else would someone leave their camera on, and not chat, unless they wanted some feedback? I know it’s part of the project, but the idea is to get human reactions, so there you go.

Frankly though, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. For instance, as I’m typing this, I was watching you and some woman (not sure who the woman is) in the basement. It didn’t look like you were engaging chatters, just each other. Boring to me, so I decided to check out the blog.

Peeping is okay, if your getting some form of entertainment or knowledge from it. But like doing anything, it can get boring too after a while. Too much of anything, is too much.

It feels to me like peeping is just a step down from watching a manufactured TV show. I watch lots of documentaries. And this peeping is sort of like watching a documentary without the information being put into a nice neat package. I mean, for example, I can watch you and your wife watch TV, for as educational as that is, or as intersting as that is… until I can’t stand the boring part anymore. If you were putting that in a typical documentary, you would show the picture of you and wife watching TV, and then explain why your doing it, explain how if it fits into the bigger story. And that would make it less boring.

That is how this is all starting to feel anyway… like watching any other TV show, documentary or sitcom or whatever… except here the long, boring parts haven’t been shortened or edited out. But if you put all the video together, the story becomes “your life” however that story ends up going.

I think people like reality TV, because they don’t just want to see the TV shows that Hollywood can manufacture as prepared TV. That is sitcoms, dramas, etc. You mentioned the suspense that built as you used the bathroom. Frankly, if I saw you in the bathroom, I would close that video down… to gross for me.

But people don’t just want social interaction, they want to learn stuff too. That’s why we watch documentaries or reality TV… we think there’s something to learn there, not just have something interesting, or entertaining. At least, that’s why I watch things.

Also though, if this weren’t your project with certain activities and goals, then we would eventually develop a relationship, under “regular” circumstances. So then I would only keep watching you if the relationship was going good for both of us. That’s the part that would make me shyer in my peeping, or my writing anyway. Probably both.

I have never peeped like this on anyone else on the internet, and I’ve never paid to peep like ones does with watching a woman and telling her what to do sexually. That would just be for entertainment, and I find the whole thing a vulgar thought. To objectify someone like that, to pay them to entertain you sexually. The whole idea sort of makes me sick.

But it’s different with you, because we can both learn. And your only doing this for so long, and not for money (okay you’ll probably make money from the documentary)... but it’s not the same as doing this in a sexual way.

Anyway hope that helps you understand… peepviewer

By AFlows on 2009 07 23

hi peepviewer! don’t get me wrong. i’m really enjoying your presence on the lifecast and blog, so keep it up. and i think you’re right, in many ways this is like watching a documentary before its been distilled down to its essence. but, of course, that’s the problem with many documentaries and with all forms of reality tv—a string of highlights and excitement and emotion, always avoid showing the boring the parts. so this experiment in lifecasting is more “real” than any documentary could ever be, obviously, even if the documentary was 8 hours long. at the same time, i think what we’re finding as a society engaged in peep culture is that sense overall of what can be considered to be entertaining and exciting is changing. suddenly watching other people watch tv in their living room has become, in some way, exciting. is it temporary - because new technologies are allowing us to do new things which previously seemed clandestine and transgressive? or is a permanent shift, a new kind of pop culture that is redefining how we entertain each other? you watched me off and on for several hours doing nothing on the couch. several times you commented on how boring the whole thing was, yet you stayed. obviously i invited you to do this by offering a live broadcast. and obviously you were free to comment. so it’s not like i have the right to be offended by your actions. but what i’m really interested in is why you watched, why you stayed, why you commented. what were you feeling? you write that peep is “okay” when you are getting “entertainment” or “knowledge” from it. so what were you getting from watching me and W. on the couch the other night?

By Hal Niedzviecki on 2009 07 24



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