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Today Quick Update and Musing on Tonight’s Meeting :comments

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So a few updates on what’s been happening in my life today. The morning started of with me chatting a bit on the lifecast, doing a quick blog post on what turned out to be a kind of weird review of my book in the San Francisco Chronicle. Actually I think it was the first bad review, though it the reviewer didn’t say as much, preferring to imply the book was bad. Whatever. That’s life.

Then a nice young woman from the Torontoist.com came over to do an interview, and we chatted with her (director Sally was there too). She seemed impressed/horrified with the whole massive camera setup. She said she was thinking about writing her thesis on Peep!

Lunch was the fish stew I made yesterday while lifecasting – cooking with Hal! Hoping to do another cooking with Hal tomorrow, possibly a fancy burger night. So far Cooking with Hal is my favorite part of lifecasting, though Sally says I’m acting ridiculous and come across as a really cheesy version of the galloping gourmet. So what’s so bad about that?

Jeanette came over and showed me how she managed to turn my netbook into a mobile lifecasting unit by installing a webcam and tethering the whole thing to the 3g wireless network of my cell phone. Cool! We’re going to try it out tomorrow and make it the primary lifecasting cam when we’re in Los Angeles next week.

Finally I rushed off to a meeting at Harbourfront with the Festival of Authors of people. We’re doing an opening night peep event. It was a bit frustrating because, well, to be honest, this was the 4th meeting and stuff I thought we had decided on turned out to be not what we’re doing at all. But we hashed out a plan and it’s going to be pretty cool.

Biked home, beat the rain, listened in to a long conversation between Sally and Jet and DP Mark about equipment for LA. Then W. came home and showed me the 3 shirts she bought me! W. is awesome! She made my day buying me cool shirts and agreeing to cook tofu burgers on camera – Cooking with W. It’s happening now. Check out her hat.


Comments: -3-, Add yours…

These comments are actually about the chat I just participated in while watching Hal and his brother Orie in the basement. I didn’t know where else to put these comments, so I decided to put them here. I am peepviewer in the chat.

Hal sounded much more lively while talking to his brother. I guess because he knows his brother, and enjoys seeing him.

But like most men, they were mostly goofing off and being silly in between efforts to talk to the chatters. And that might not bother some of the chatters, but I find it annoying!

If I’m going to chat with anyone I like to feel that I’m being taken seriously and/or talked back to about the stuff I’m asking about, which didn’t always happen. Otherwise, I get bored and leave.

I notice a lot of the other chatters were making silly comments. Hal and Orie seemed to enjoy responding to those more than anything. But me being a more serious person, I want to know what I want to know, lol.

All in all this chat stuff seems pretty typical. The only difference between chatting here and on irc, is that we the chatters can see and hear Hal and whomever is with him. On mIRC for example, we cannot see each other or just one party, nor hear each other, so people are more careful not to offend one another for the most part.

Here, Hal seems to have a thick enough skin to handle the comments of the chatter.

I talk on Yahoo Messenger to some people from mIRC chatrooms. I notice when I’m one on one with a chatter on Messenger I talk more freely and cover more topics than I do on mIRC. That’s because I don’t trust people too easily and in mirc, there’s usually a theme to the chat room, and I always wonder how many people are gossiping about what others said in private message. So for me, mirc chat is more conservative than yahoo messenger. But that’s just me.

I can’t get why Hal thinks this is such an important project as to do a documentary on it. Even though, having said that, I enjoy documentaries of many types, so I’m sure this might have a bit of redeeming value too.

The thought that keeps coming back to my mind was Hal saying the other day (in print or chat, I forget now) that he was never interested in watching people on webcam before getting the idea for this. So I can’t help but think that perhaps this project for him is just a chance for him to discover a new way of communicating. Like discovering a whole new world.

It’s just not a big deal to me, and is just another way to communicate.

Anyway, you can’t change the fact that you’ll only attract people to this who feel they have something to gain by spending any time at all doing this.

I find that no matter how I’m communicating with someone, whether it be in person, or on the phone, or by email, or by mIRC chat, or by Facebook, or by Yahoo Messenger, the amount that they put of themselves into any form of chat says things about each person, like what kinds of things are important to that person.

For example, I know people who love to share photos of their lives on Facebook, others (including me) not so much. Photos are precious to me, and I’m not going to share just any photo with any “friend.” But some people put there whole life on there.

One of my friends on FB mentioned her most current activities in life, while totally leaving off her high school. I went to HS with her, she had nothing to be ashamed of there, so why did she leave it off? I guess she just doesn’t care about her old HS friends. And I can see differences like that with everyone I chat with in whatever mode I chat with them in.

So again Hal, what attracted you to this project? Why did you NOT like the idea of chatting on webcam before? How do you feel about it now? I think those are important thoughts re: the making of this documentary.

You must be finding that people are the same on webcam chat, the same as they are in any other kind of chat. Some are weird, some are not. Some are silly, some are serious, etc. etc.

Anyway, blaaaaaaaah… for another day… if I have time to return to this website and participate in chat or blog reading/comments more. Since like most people I have to prioritize from all the things available/required for me to do, that is.

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