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The Digital Generations? Book Review by Hal in the Globe and Mail :comments

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Hey all. Just recovering from the power outage that hit us the night before last and into yesterday morning. I can live without heat (even though it was minus 20 outside) but is life without computation worth living? Ha, I’m kidding. It wasn’t that big a deal. E’s school was closed so I lost a day of work hanging out with her and her various friends and associates. Once I got over my frustration – I was all set for a day of heavy editing work on the Peep book – I settled into Daddy mode and spent the day observing 3 year-old antics.

Speaking of the younger generations and their antics, here’s a review I wrote that came out in the Globe and Mail last week. It’s a review of two books that purport to explain the wants, needs, thoughts and possible effect of the so-called Net Generations.

Give it a read, let me know what you think.


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i’m with you in that i’m unlikely to be sucked up into anyone’s philosophy that <span class=“caps”>ANY</span> generation can do no wrong. as someone who works in the field of education, & with a fringe element, nonetheless, i can vouch for the fact that the generation-in-question will have its digital challenges. how unique those challenges are, i don’t know…the specifics may be unique as corresponding to the available technology, but my guess is, the basic challenges are the same as those that have plagued any generation. seems to me that consumerism has always been related to connectivity. the ability to be self-sufficient isn’t a new idea. for centuries, we could have stayed isolated on land, provided for self, but something compels us to load up the wagons with our goods & find a way to share, to interact, to barter…it’s no different now. conversely, the ease of communication these days doesn’t necessarily equate to connectivity…TRUE connectivity. that i can log in & immediately find a friend available is cool, but doesn’t address any ego i have that may make that friend easy to dismiss by a mere close of laptop because i have a selfish need to sate mid-conversation

By kristin on 2009 01 17

I’ve heard Don speak a few times at various events in Toronto – very engaging Speaker* I’m trying to think of the name of his Co. Mountain? something back in the mid 90’s on King St. East?? I think Flickr is still the Shining Light of the Web2.0 Universe but I gotta admit Facebook + Twitter are Amazing Social Networks*  wink) Peace*

By BillyWarhol on 2009 01 17

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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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