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A rambling slice of life peek into my small small world.



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My thoughts and comments on the third video:

Third Video:
- filming the pouring rain, better quality video
- he talked about the food he likes to cook, that kind of thing is usually interesting to people
- he walks around his house, sharing his schedule for Monday; i got the impression he was sharing his anxiety too, which is okay with me
- it’s easy in this video to see the pressure he is feeling in making the documentary, and that is to be expected
- I can see everyone involved in making the documentary feeling there way around in the dark (in an abstract sense), so to speak, as they endeavor to make this documentary, and that is educational and interesting to watch; I also see quite a bit of organization in this process too
- for me personally, i mostly watch documentaries on TV; that’s how i found this project via the cbc/docs page
- documentaries are mostly my reality TV; i’m sure if i watched any of those documentaries being made like this, that i’d mostly just have the raw data of what became a finished product; and of course in such a process, i’m sure some of the “reality” is left out, while others bits of the filming process got emphasized as it suited the goal of the project
- I’m sure some of the same stuff happens with reality TV shows I’ve watched, like my favorite reality show, Dog the Bounty Hunter; to me, that is the best reality TV show they’ve made because Dog is doing something exciting and worthwhile, and he shows the real-life problems while doing
it; but I’m sure the show is edited to make a program that is not so slow that people don’t watch it
- regardless of how “real” anything is, it reflects the values and personalities of the
participants to some degree, even if those people try to hide their true personalities; that says something about truth, and something about “reality”

An extra note: I heard Hal talking on the phone, I think it was Friday, July 24th to someone about privacy; I asked him in chat to define privacy, he said it couldn’t be defined; but thinking about the stuff he mentioned regarding privacy, I concluded that privacy is the stuff that you don’t want people to find out because they could use it against you. It’s as simple as that. And it is a little different than the privacy of keeping information to yourself that people could steal to steal your identity, or sell your information to advertisers.

But Hal’s examples of teenagers uploading pictures of themselve and their friends to Facebook, is a good example of stuff that could be used against those teenagers when they go to get a job, or get into college. Hence again, privacy in this context is the stuff you don’t want used against you.

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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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