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Quick Update on Hal’s Life, plus A First Review! :comments

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So here’s what’s going on: E. started a new day care today and seemed to take it well though as she was heading out the door she was crying and saying to W. “But I thought you were going to stay with me there forever.” No. You thought wrong kid. Last report was that she ended up taking mom’s exit fairly well.

Other news: I’m working on an article proposal. I don’t think I’ve ever quite mastered the art. It’s like writing the article without actually doing the research, reporting or, well, the writing. But it will be a great piece if it all works out.

I’m planning on playing hockey this afternoon for the first time in 3 or 4 weeks. It was nice to have some time off the ice. I played a few games of basketball while on my hiatus. Pick-up at the rec center. Fun. I suck. I haven’t played bball in 5 years. It’s spring and I feel like moving around. Also the closer I get to the Peep release date and tour, the more antsy I’m getting.

Speaking of Peep and it’s imminent arrival into the world, guess what showed up via Google Alert this morning? Yeah you already know from the title of this post, but give me a break, it’s a rhetorical question. Well here it is, the first review. It’s a good one, which is nice since as I recall PW wasn’t nearly as kind to my last book Hello, I’m Special.

The Peep Diaries: How We’re Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors Hal Niedzviecki. City Lights $17.95 paper (252p) ISBN 978-0-87286-499-3
Ubiquitous video technology and the Internet have ushered in a “peep culture” that makes us all either—or simultaneously—exhibitionists or voyeurs, according to this eye-opening study. In good participant-observer fashion, Niedzviecki (Hello, I’m Special) dives into our mania for observing and revealing pseudo-secret personal information: he starts a blog, applies to reality television shows, does video surveillance around his house and slips a GPS tracking device into his wife’s car. He’s content to merely interview, rather than join, the middle-aged couples who post their amateur porn online. He argues instead that peep culture reprises an ancient impulse to bond through the sharing of intimacies, but worries that our digital version of village gossip and primate grooming is a weak and fraudulent foundation for community (out of his 700-odd Facebook friends and blog readers, only one showed up for his offline party). Niedzviecki’s smart mixture of reportage and reflection avoids alarmism and hype while capturing the strange power of our urge to see and be seen. (June)


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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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EXPOZINE 2011, Montreal’s 10th Annual Small Press, Comic and Zine Fair—http://t.co/3ISW3Ovx http://t.co/FlLfB6hk

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