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Peep Doc - Fact Versus Fiction in the Basement :comments

Posted by Hal
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So the Peep documentary is starting to get into full swing. And things are starting to get…uh…interesting. Right now, the doc people are redoing my basement so I can move my office down there. My actual office on the second floor is too small to film in. Also they want something sleeker, more modern looking. So I’m going to have an entire wall blackboard and a glass desk that glows.

Of course we all know that in documentaries reality is manufactured, but it’s interesting to be part of it, and have an opportunity to chronicle the journey.

Another interesting fake-real thing: Sally Blake, one of the producers, has been worried about the chronology. You see, in the doc, we’re apparently going to pretend that I’m just now starting to explore peep culture. So she keeps trying to find things that I haven’t done yet. Sally: Do you have a webcam? Me: yes. Sally: Ah…too bad. They’re very excited that I don’t have a smart phone yet, key component of Peep (haven’t needed one because I never leave the house) so one of the first things they’ll be filming is me getting a smart phone next week.

It sucks when the truth gets in the way of the story. So we are going to massage the truth where necessary. Does it matter? Does it mean the the documentary will be ‘fake’?

Time will tell.


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It will be interesting to peep your doc!  Friends were on one of the house reno/swap shows a few years ago and it was marvelously fake.  In fact the director never did call them by their names - he’s just yell, “Participant!  Come and pretend to be sewing please!”

They got a nice, real room out of it though.

By Christy on 2009 05 13

One of my mentors told me once that good documentaries “lie the truth”...and sometimes I think fiction is more real than documentaries.

That being said, I did want to clarify something that Hal said. We’re not trying to fake that he’s just starting to discover peep. More like, “OK, I wrote a book about it but now I really want to experience it for myself”. That’s why I’m obsessing about keeping everything off limits until we film, to make sure we capture Hal’s experiences for real.

I think the greatest impediment to this documentary being real is Hal himself. Will he REALLY be able to give himself over to peep and reveal his private life?

Only time will tell.

Oh, and can I just pass along my condolences Hal. Pittsburgh is simply DESTROYING the Caps!

By Sally on 2009 05 13

I think the answer to your question about Hal’s ability ‘to give himself over’ is, and has always been, yes. The very fact that Hal would allow you to follow him on this ‘journey’ into ‘peep culture’ is one extended promotional campaign - for the book, for the moniker, for the production company, and, by extension, the whole logic of self-exposure/promotion itself. Both of you will end up profiting, but who else will?

By Alison on 2009 05 17

What a great post. What an inspiration for everyone who is asking ‘Where is all this stuff I’ve asked for?’ and getting frustrated. I am in love the way you express yourself, and I thank you for doing it with such passion and honest reflection.
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By Mark Ewans on 2009 12 13



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