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Peep Art: Rhianna painting (with bruises) :comments

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Since I’m on a celebrity kick here this week (see yesterday’s Courtney Love Double Peep) here’s today’s entry, Peep Art. Yes, peep is the new sex and as everyone knows peep (sex) sells. Enter Los Angeles artist Sham Ibrahim who has given us a Warhol knock-off portraying pop star Rhiannon’s police evidence photo (also conveniently leaked to the press). Taken after her boyfriend, fellow pop star Chris Brown, beat her up, the photo and subsequent painting show Rhiannon all bruised and bloodied.


But, hey, don’t look for social commentary here. Says the artist, who goes by his first name: “I thought the bruises in the police photo were interesting shapes to draw. And it was cool to color them pink and blue. Those are two of my favorite colors. There is no message to any of my art. It’s meant to look cool hanging on your wall and that’s it! I’m not into deep meanings.”

 I’ll bet you aren’t. But you are into peep and you know, just like your not-buddy Courtney Love (see below) that anything that has to do with the private lives of celebrities will get you instant attention. In this case, when Sham’s painting was put up on celebrity gossip and ephemera site World of Wonder (you can buy it here for $100 and hang a faux Warhol beaten pop star in your living room) it was noticed by E!Online, then Yahoo News, and then thankfully made it into my daily Globe and Mail. The result: crappy Peep Art goes global!

I googled our man Sham and discovered that – exciting — there’s a Courtney Love connection to all this! In 2007, Sham wrote a piteous blog post on World of Wonder. In it, he follows Courtney Love around after one of her  concerts and is apparently shattered when Courtney rejects him: “I jumped out of the cab and said, ‘Hey, Courtney!’ I was about to tell her that her show rocked and ask for one simple picture. That’ s it. Before I could do that, she said, ‘Why is this ugly guy following me?’ and sauntered into the hotel.”



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