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Notes from Last Night’s Reading :comments

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Among those in attendance at my presentation last night on the third floor of the sprawling Harvard Coop bookstore:

*Three black men of retiree age who spoke with African accents. One of them asked me if any of this stuff was going on in the Muslim countries. Another of them asked if he could watch the presentation again, so I started it again and the three of them sat down in front of my netbook and watched the whole thing again while snacking from stuff they brought with them in plastic containers.

*One fiery youngish academic who noted that while my presentation was very interesting and provocative I was mostly wrong about everything.

*An undergraduate activist girl who was of the opinion that activists were successfully using social networks to galvanize young people for the cause of social justice.

*An older gentleman with, I think, white hair in a pony-tail who came up to the podium afterwards, thanked me, and gave me three bananas and a small bag of all dressed bagel chips.

*A middle aged fellow who suggested that we were looking at a total shift in what it means to be social.

*A woman in her fifties who looked away whenever the screen showed something particularly upsetting like the naked wizard being tazered, a woman being spanked, or a woman revealing her abdomen days after gastric bypass surgery. She later spoke elegantly and thoughtfully about how much this whole phenomenon disturbed her.

*A Boston Facebook friend I’d never met before. He declined my offer to buy him a beer after the presentation.



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yay.. this ny facebook friend plans to be there… as long as I can make it from work in CT to NYC in 1.5 hours… from 6pm - 730pm…  possible.

By lynne on 2009 05 27

Heard the interview on “Q” - fascinated that Canada has the highest per cap participation in Facebook. Reading the interview on SB, I hear echoes of Ellul’s critique of technocracy, we built the machine and now it creates us (now a popular theme in movies ie. Terminator, The Matrix). But aren’t we still choosers? To me its bad faith to simply capitulate.

In some of your writing here I see paradox. Intentional? thanks Hal

By len on 2009 06 02

Nice presentation, For what reason your offer declined may i know…

By software college on 2009 11 26

Nice presentation of your academic, For what reason your offer declined may i know…
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By software college on 2009 11 26



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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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