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New Peep Vlog: Hal Sings a Song :comments

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A week or so ago I sent out a tweet saying that I had written my first new song in 4 years. Director Sally got excited, and immediately sent me an email: she wanted me to record the song on webcam and post it as a vlog, under the watchful eye of her own much larger camera, of course. She sensed, since the song is called “I’ll Call You When I Get There”, that there was an underlying personal theme, and that this would be a way to get at some of the personal stuff I don’t share all that readily.

Anyway, even though I don’t sing publically – though I used to way back in my college days – and generally consider my song-writing a private hobby, I decided to go with it. In the spirit of peep, everything private is public! The song itself was inspired by some of the comments W. was making while I was away. It’s not about W and me. It’s about a couple, a man and a woman, and the way the woman feels with the man being away all the time. That’s all I’m going to say. Let me know what you think.




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I really like the line, something like “the floorboards sound different.” Nice song. I think your not-so-great voice makes it unique, think Greg Brown. I only watched the video and came to your site today because I’m half-way through your book. It’s exactly the sort of writing and thinking I have been waiting for. I think you’ve probably added a very worthwhile, accessible, thorough meditation on where all of this “Peep” is taking us. Not so sure I want to see a movie about you, but, we’ll see what we see. All the best—

By IPW on 2009 10 10

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By Peter on 2010 01 13



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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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