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Morning Cucumber Crisis Vlog :comments

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Here’s me reporting on the pouring rain morning, a spat with W. and the general problem of discipline in child rearing.



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It’s peepviewer.

I listened to your video blog about your wife, child and the cucumber.

About you fighting with your wife, remember Hulk Hogan split up with his wife after they made a reality series for a year or two. It’s my understanding that the strain from making the reality series was part of their breakup.

You did what I would call an excellent job of revealing your personal life on the video blog. In fact, I’d say it’s the most personal revelations I’ve seen so far, but I also have not read all your blogs… yet. (Not sure how many I’ll read.)

If it were me, I would have a hard time revealing that much about my personal life.

Just before writing this, I read all the free excerpts of your book “The Peep Diaries,” and I can see that your really into the parts of the internet that really are peep. You comment about youtube and webcam porn, and blogs where people reveal their real lives (the slave with the Master). And I must admit that I haven’t participated much in that depth of peep.

I have talked on mIRC chat channels for 10 years, but I was always very careful what I revealed about myself. I avoided sharing identifying information about myself. I talked in chat rooms where if people talk about their private lives, they leave off the identifying factors… except perhaps to their closest friends, which they might tell in private message. I did very little of that. I don’t trust people easily, and I need to see evidence that I can trust a person with something about myself that requires trust.

To blog on a webcam exposing my face and my home and my real name, that I could not do. I assume that young people reveal too much about themselves on youtube and Facebook etc., because they don’t know any better. I never thought of all of it as a cultural phenomenon as you talk about in your book. You do make some interesting observations and comments.

I don’t think of myself as lonely, but if I had no internet at all, perhaps I would be.

I think of the types of peep things you wrote about in your book as simply new ways for people to express themselves… ways that never existed before.

A quote from your book: “At the same time, we have no interest in returning to societies where people were put in stocks and branded because they didn’t believe in the right god in the right way or slept with someone they weren’t supposed to. We want the unstated rules that govern traditional community, but we don’t necessarily want those rules to apply to us.
This, in many ways, is the conundrum of modern society and emerging problem of Peep: we yearn for community without the willingness to be hampered by the structures of community.” from Chapter 2.

You make a very interesting observation here, and I would agree with it.

I think internet is what the universe unfolded for us as a way to express ourselves in ways that we have never been able to before. And the premise for that expression is exactly in line with my quote from your book.

Society has never been able to share parts of themselves before without being judged by neighbors and communities, and I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with that. Perhaps it will even inspire people to become more tolerant of each other’s differences… I don’t know for sure.

I would predict though, that if it goes on long enough it will make some of the more shocking behaviors on the internet more “acceptable”... I’m not sure though.

In the 10 years that I chatted on mIRC, I learned to become more assertive. I also learned a lot more about people, because I spoke to a lot more people than I would have, had I not been on the internet. Being on the internet is NOT a sheltered existance.

And I have observed that 100 or 200 years ago, people could live in a small town, be influenced only by their family and friends, and never learn about the world outside of that town. Except perhaps for what they read in a newspaper.

That’s a sheltered life, a very slow way to learn about life, unless your a person of the world back then, that is. Truth is, most people probably just worked hard, maybe got drunk and went to bed, for the next day. Probably only a small number had much of a clue as to things going on elsewhere. If your on the internet today, that won’t happen to you. And perhaps it will speed up personal growth in some areas of life. I know these are all the positive possibilities, and I know the internet has negative ramifications too.

Again, good job revealing so much about your wife and child. I could not do it. It has taken all I’ve got to grow as much as I have in this life and via the internet.


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