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They Want to Watch Me Where I Pee Pee: Surveillance in Hal’s House :comments

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On Friday the producers of the upcoming documentary based on my upcoming book dropped by along with a surveillance camera expert. They wandered around my house discussing the best places to put surveillance cameras. The plan is for there to be two weeks this summer when the camera streams will be live on the web for all to see. Meanwhile, I’ll be blogging and ruminating about what it’s like to live life in a fish bowl. And you’ll be posting comments about my bed head and absent minded propensity for nose picking when I think nobody else is around.

First Jennicam, then DotComGuy, and then…me? As the Peep Diaries book makes clear, despite my attempts to enter into the Peep world and reveal myself, I never quite managed to do it. Obviously, the documentary is going to take things a step further by, for instance, installing cameras in my house and broadcasting live to the web. Will I like this? I suspect it will be pretty annoying and I won’t like it all. But I think I’ll also like it quite a bit. Oh dear.


Anyway, there were a few tense moments, like when we got down to the nitty gritty and producer Jeannette started talking about cameras in the bedroom and bathroom. (You can read her more polite post about all this here.) At which point I had to remind her that W. had already announced that because of her work (she works in mental health) she cannot be actually seen on camera, and we’d have to obscure her face. This, I think, was a factor that Jeannette was hoping to just ignore until it was dropped. W. isn’t going to drop it, of course, so we needed a work-around. How can Hal be on camera 24/7 for two weeks, but not his wife (and his kid, for that matter?).

The answer: Hal moves into the basement. Yes, for two weeks this summer I’ll live in the basement. I’ll move my office down there (I work from home) I’ll sleep down there and there’s even going to be a bathroom cam to capture my doings in the basement bathroom (which already lacks a door anyway, so I’m used to that). And there’s got to be infrared, announced Jeanette. I want to see him while he sleeps!

In the end, Jeannette was happy to just monitor the basement and first floor and leave the upstairs to W. and the kid, especially when she found out how much each camera was going to cost. So everyone’s happy. Except, uh, me.  

Anyway, it’s begun. 


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I’m really going to enjoy and savour this, Hal. Watching you squirm under the uncomfortable focus of internet peepdom for two weeks. From the start of your brash experiment, you’ve managed to avoid having to actually expose yourself. Alas, before you actually complete the experiment, and claim the brass ring for yourself, you’ll have to endure that which you’ve avoided all along: exposure. I suspect after your initial discomfort, though, Hal the pragmatist will take charge, and give us all a peep into the World of Hal (or at least his basement, that is).

By Mark McCawley on 2009 04 21

thanks mark. i’m glad you’re having fun.

By Hal Niedzviecki on 2009 04 22

That’s what this whole experiment is about, isn’t it, Hal? The book? The documentary? Fun? Enlightenment? You acting as a microcosm for the rest of us? Just watched ‘ED TV’ the other night and I couldn’t help but draw some comparisons with ‘peep culture’. Unlike ED, whose character lived in a media created fishbowl, you will have contact from those peeping in on you, so your exposure will be interactive, yes?

By urbangraffito on 2009 04 22

Btw, Hal, urbangraffito and Mark McCawley are the same person.

By urbangraffito on 2009 04 22

Wow, you’re brave!
Dont think I could do it.  I think there is something more controlled about what I decide to put on facebook or twitter, etc.. 24/7 yeesh!

By Lynne Fisher on 2009 04 24



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