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How’s My Blogging? :comments

Posted by Hal
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Hi everyone, how’s my blogging? Sally and the factotums of Choco Box have sent down a communique. They want to do a bit of a customer satisfaction survey. They want to know how you like my blogging so far. They’re particularly interested in any personal details you might be gleaning from my musings. Actually, you have to go way back to the beginning of this blog to find the personal stuff, but that’s about to change as next week I’ll be shifting gears and writing daily about the life and times of Hal. Anyway, if you have anything to say about my blogging, what you’d like to see me do, say, show, reveal, now’s your chance. Here’s the official customer survey as sent down from head office. Let’s hear what you’ve got to say as we head into the hot summer of Hal.

Hi everyone,

We want to get Hal some feedback on his blogging so far. Has he been doing a
good job of 'sharing'? Of revealing his personal side? What about his
Facebook account? Do you feel you know him any better now than you did
before? Or does he keep it too professional, too 'managed'?

We're looking for your feedback and you don't have to be kind! Just send a
comment to this blog and tell us everything that's on your mind.

And stay tuned…full documentary production starts next week and we're
looking for people to get involved!



Comments: -21-, Add yours…

Hal’s blog and facebook accts: I feel like I know Hal well, perhaps better than he likes!

His comments are witty, intelligent and perceptive.  I always look forward to what he has to say. Without him I could never keep up on peep society, which is Essential for Survival in this day of hypnotic media with no purpose!

By Vicki Nikolaidis on 2009 06 29

Just forwarding a comment that arrived on my blog from ‘Adam’: Dear Hal,
Please stop referring to yourself as a “writer/thinker”.  It is silly.

By Sally on 2009 06 29

Hmm. Thing is, Hal’s a professional writer. His blogging comes across as polished, clear, logical, like every entry is in itself a publishable article. That might be a hard habit to break. Hal needs to come across as more vulnerable in order to be relatable. Maybe more meandering. He IS a writer/thinker but maybe he can try to do the thinking on paper, work things out AS he writes rather than beforehand. Sometimes it seems that Hal is going through all this invasion-of-his-privacy just to earn the right to criticize PEEP rather than to feel what it’s like to be peeped. He must be getting or feeling something from being the PEEP-ee. I’m still waiting for his smack the forehead moment.

By Lisa Sargese on 2009 06 29

His blogging is still very guarded, but I suppose that could come from an uneasiness about sharing everything with the world and with him being a writer.

I am yet to read a blog that actually has me relating to him rather than reading a well-written observation.

He does seem to have a very negative view of what peep is overall - at least from many of his later posts and everything. From the blogs it looks like he is just putting in enough effort to look like he is trying peep out for himself. That may not be the case, but you can’t choose how the ‘public’ sees you.

Reading through the first comment on this entry, he has at least filled all the necessary criteria to have someone ‘know him better than he likes’ (at least in my opinion)

I think he’s expecting too much from the beginning. You can’t just start peeping and expect people to automatically know about it. It takes a while for people to notice you in the vast expanse of the internet. Once he loses any negative views on peep and starts ACTUALLY peeping, I think people will stop by more and more - the same way it has worked for everyone else before him.

Also, this is the internet…as childish as this sounds, people don’t like pretenders or ‘n00bs’ And even though we all pick and choose what we share with the world, it still comes across as real.

(I’ll wind this down soon, I promise)

Why is Hal peeping? Everyone has a reason. Mine was to cure boredom and relate to people during a big change in my life. Others decide to do it for fame. Does he have a concrete reason that others can say “I get it?” If so - run with it. If not, well, I love the writer’s obvservationalist blog

(I think I may have invented a few words in this comment)

By Emmalene Pruden on 2009 06 29

I was mostly just teasing.  That said, I’m digging reading the blog, if only because it’s coming at things from sort of a weird angle.

It seems like all this is a little non-intuitive.  Hal, are you having a hard time getting into the idea of being acutely observed?

By Adam on 2009 06 29

I don’t find it to be a very “revealing” blog thus far, despite the premise.  If you’re going to show yourself and experiment in this way, go big or go home!!!  Give us pictures, personal anecdotes and embarrassments, conversations with your family, life details you don’t really want us to know.  Good writing isn’t enough - that’s what books are for.  If the blog isn’t letting us peep into your life in every aspect, then what is the point?  smile

By Erin on 2009 06 29

I figured out a way to sum up what I was saying earlier.

Stop thinking - start peeping!

By Emmalene Pruden on 2009 06 30

I really like Erin’s suggestion that you “tell us things you don’t really want us to know”. I feel sick to my stomach even imagining doing that myself, but I am all for you doing it. Hal! C’mon, buddy. Confess! Confess! And I like the suggestion as well that you might think about transcribing conversations. And this quote is great: “Good writing isn’t enough - that’s what books are for.” Yes. That’s exactly true. This isn’t a book you are writing. You have written that book. This is the experience itself. This is what your book is all about, not an extention of it. I wonder though. You aren’t just a guy who has no obligations or consequences to face. You have a wife and child who might object to being dragged into this. It’s a lot harder when there are more people than just yourself who will be affected by the invasion of privacy. Maybe you could tell us about your past experiences, some moments in your life that have affected you? Dig deep into Hall That Was, the Hal who informs the Hal That Now Is. Why are you who you are now? Easy to suggest, I know. It’s much easier to be the “peeper” than the “peepee” :o}

By McKinley M. Hellenes on 2009 07 01

Oh, and in solidarity, I hereby admit to calling myself a writer/thinker in some of my own bios (including my brand new Face Book account), so I guess I am silly too. It just feels like the most accurate classification to me. But maybe that just means that I should say that I am a pretentious/wanker instead. Or how about silly/git. That feels pretty authentic too :o}

By McKinley M. Hellenes on 2009 07 01

Thanks for adding to my earlier comment, McKinley.  We’ll get him confessing intimate details in no time!

It’s not that all bloggers have to reveal themselves entirely - but YOU do, on account on your project and your work about peep culture.  You are clearly in your comfort zone as a writer, but this needs to be way more than that in order to be authentic and interesting.

A challenge to Hal - this is what I want to see in future blog posts blog/twitter messages (which should be several times a day, by the way!  Let us know that you stubbed your toe and bought apples at the store and read your kid a book.  Details!)

*When was the last time you cried, and why?
*What do you do when no one is in the room, and you’re completely alone?
*How often are you “intimate” with the wife in an average week?
*How many times did you use the washroom today?  How did it go?
*What scares you more than anything in the world?
*When are you most happy?
*What are your innermost dreams, hopes, anxieties and fantasies?
*What would you change about yourself, if you could?
*What embarrassing hobbies or habits do you have?
*What was your childhood like?  Your family?
*Aside from being a writer, who are you as a PERSON?

It’s time to crack yourself open and let it all pour out, for everyone to see.  Write until you feel awkward, then write some more…force yourself to go on when you want to proof-read or hit “delete”...write some more still, and then hit “post”.

Good luck, fine sir.  smile

By Erin on 2009 07 01

*When was the last time you cried, and why?
*etc etc etc

It seems funny to me that any of those things are something people would have any hesitation admitting. 

So, let’s have it, Hal.

Additionally, to all of you writer/thinkers out there - I’m sure there’s some less ostentatious way of saying “I am a person who thinks about things and also writes about them.”  It seems obvious that any reasonable person would be a “thinker” and I guess that’s what makes it seem silly to me.

I’m going to start putting “Adam is a Fighter / Wizard” in all my bios, I think.


By Adam on 2009 07 03

Wow. I would much rather be a Fighter/Wizard than a Writer/Thinker. Can we do tradesies? No take backs?

By McKinley M. Hellenes on 2009 07 03

Yes, u should definitely use Fighter/Wizard! It’s very cool and imaginative.
I’m a boring writer/thinker.  I’m not very ostentatious though, well, truthfully not at all.
There is so much to read in the world and not much that is written with any thought! Hve you noticed? Thinking gets no respect these days!  Sitting and thinking supposedly means you are sitting & doing nothing but that’s a bad assumptions.  Even Mark Twain got chided for “doing nothing.”
Creative people must have the space and time to think.  It’s not like we’re building a road but I think we give something good to society.

By Vicki Nikolaidis on 2009 07 04

I think that there’s a masturbatory implication in calling oneself a “thinker”.  It serves no purpose of identification, does it?  Saying that you are a writer is well and fine - it identifies you by your profession.  Self-identifying as a “thinker” just seems so pretentious.

What’s the intent in labeling oneself as a “thinker”.  Is it to say you’re not a “doer”?  That pontification is your forte in the stead of something else?

I don’t know, I’m obviously over-analyzing the title.  Just something to make conversation about at any rate.

By Adam on 2009 07 04

No, no, the point isn’t to say “I’m not a doer” the point is: when I’m sitting quietly thinking I am doing something valuable so leave me alone so I don’t lose my train of thought.

When I consider the piece I’m writing, (by thinking) I’m not giving myself pleasure, I’m trying to figure something out that is usually hard to figure out. Or I’m editing a chapter in my head. Or I’m trying to keep all the characters ‘in character’  with their motivations and relationships and keep the characters consistent with who they are.

Sometimes when I’m thinking and I’m interrupted I feel like my brain has been jarred around in head. I don’t like that feeling! I want some respect for sitting and thinking.  I don’t want to have to hide out or hang a sign around my neck that says “Do not disturb.”
That’s what I’m talking about!

I like the idea of adding more words to describe oneself.  There are millions of writers but are you serious or do you write gossip, etc.? So writer/thinker sounds good to me bettter than writer/serious.

Let me know what you think!

By Vicki Nikolaidis on 2009 07 05

I’m still waiting for Hal’s take on all of this!

By Erin on 2009 07 07

okay first off, i don’t think there’s anything wrong with writer/thinker. it’s not like it’s on my business card or anything, but it doesn’t strike me as particularly pretentious or ridiculous. it’s what am i. end of discussion on that point? i hope so.

well i was going to add more now. but i have to run. i will post more on all the comments above later on.

By hal on 2009 07 07

“end of discussion on that point? i hope so.”

no need to get defensive, I was just commenting that it seems a bit contrived, maybe?  mostly, I was just teasing.

By Adam on 2009 07 07

hey adam, sorry if i came off defensive, not what i was going for at all. just kinda…responding.

By hal on 2009 07 08

The internet!  She has no concept of tonality in speech! 

It did come across as a little “I like my clever title, so shut up.” but I am glad that isn’t the case.

By Adam on 2009 07 08



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