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Hal Plays Monopoly with Real Money Tonight :comments

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Hey I’m playing Monopoly with real money tonight at the Toronto Stock Exchange from 1 to 3 am. It’s part of Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s all night art festival. It’s a performance piece orchestrated by the very cool Windsor based artist Iain Baxter&. Here’s an article on him and the evening that ran in the Toronto Star.

Here’s the complete info:

TMX Broadcast Centre Gallery The Exchange Tower 130 King Street West (Viewing area outside venue) – from 7pm to sunrise.

Monopoly with Real Money, 2009

IAIN BAXTER& - Windsor, Canada

Performance Art, Multimedia Installation

Money becomes a conceptual and tactile medium as Toronto celebrities play the iconic real estate board game throughout the night at the TSX. This timely restaging of the artist’s 1973 event draws an eerie connection between the 1970s era-defining recession and today’s market meltdown. Monopoly, patented during the Great Depression, gains new relevance with every boom-and-bust cycle. Does it provide an escape from the grim reality of stock-market crashes and factory layoffs, or offer a training ground for the next generation of would-be entrepreneurs? See how unlikely combinations of artists, musicians, journalists, authors, media personalities, and (yes!) financiers and developers vie for prize properties in an uncertain investment climate—all played in cold, hard cash. 



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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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EXPOZINE 2011, Montreal’s 10th Annual Small Press, Comic and Zine Fair—http://t.co/3ISW3Ovx http://t.co/FlLfB6hk

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