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I’ve got an essay in the Spring issue of Canadian Art, on stands now. They don’t make their content available online, so if you want to check it out, you have to pick up a copy. Do it! It’s a great mag.


The piece explores the work of two Canadian artists in the context of surveillance and art. I start our providing a brief history of artists who have tried to grapple with surveillance and then go on to an in depth look at the work of these artists. The artists are Toronto photographer Dean Baldwin and the Canadian artist currently living in Berlin Michelle Teran. Both approach Peep through art in very different ways but in the essay I argue that what they ultimately have to grapple with is the normalizing of surveillance and peeping. This normalizing makes the traditional approach artists take to surveillance – condemnation and panic – very difficult to sustain. That’s why Baldwin and Teran are much more ambivalent about surveillance culture. Teran stages outdoor movie screenings in which she projects nearby surveillance camera feeds on big screens, complete with popcorn, and Baldwin does things like wander through an office building taking pictures of the private objects installed in cubicles by the workers.


carwash outdoor screening, Michelle Teran’s project


part of a series of pictures done by Dean Baldwin showing everything he ate in a year

Anyway, I won’t say anymore about that, read the piece.

But of course there’s tons more peep art out there, more and more everyday, and much of it has a similarly ambivalent tone to it, at once celebratory, condemnatory and somehow unsure.

It’s interesting stuff and I’ll be bringing more of it to you as I come across it.

For now, here’s an oldie-but-goodie I was just told about: 

In 2007, the New Hampshire based artist Anne Fontaine did a series of 50 portraits of YouTube video posters. They are pretty compelling and she has them posted along with screen shots of conversations she had online with her subjects on her YouTube site. I find these portraits fascinating, particularly for the beauty that emerges from such ambivalence, distance and dissonance.


youtube portraits by anne fontaine


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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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