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Globe and Mail Articles on Facebook: A Snapshot of Media's Struggle to 'Get' Peep :comments

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In keeping with this week’s theme on the blog, today I ask: Is traditional media struggling to come to terms with the rise of Peep culture? Not one, not two, but three articles about Facebook currently being displayed on the main page of the Globe and Mail suggest what’s going on.

Article one is a news story about the rise of Facebook jealousy. Here’s the crux of it: “Two University of Guelph psychology PhD students conducted a survey of 308 Facebook users and found the more time they spent on the site, the more suspicious they became of their partners.”  Reading the article and you’d conclude, particularly if you don’t use Facebook, that the site consists of nothing but jealous harpies relentlessly tracking their men. There isn’t a single opposing viewpoint. As the article ends: “bottom line: Facebook ‘seems to make it difficult for people to trust, even when they feel confident in their partner,’ Ms. Christofides says.” The unstated flipside of this: trust us, the traditional filtered professional media. We won’t drive you crazy with jealousy.

Article two is another misguided rant about the Random Things About Me craze. Here Ivor Tossell compares the phenomenon to a “plague”, a “virus”, a “flu” and “chain letter”. As I wrote the other day , there’s an epidemic of columnists falling all over themselves in their rush to mock this trend. Why? Their disgust and horror says more about the insecurity of mainstream media than it does about the millions of people who are obviously enjoying reading and writing these innocent and often quite beautiful lists. (Mine is coming next week…I promise.) Tossell’s piece ends: “Enormous Web fads are like the weather. It comes, it goes, and no amount of praying is going to stop it.” The unstated message: Peep culture is nothing but a lame fad. We keep praying it will stop. People should be reading our expert ruminations, not the drivel about their lives they and their friends keep coming up with.

Article three is a business story: The headline says it all: “Facebook pegs company’s value at $3.7-billion (U.S.)” In other words, FB HQ thinks that’s what their worth. The story then spirals into the details of various legal issues regarding FB’s battling creators, but there’s really no point even trying to spin this story: FB is a gold mine worth tons more than many of the biggest media outlets in the world. Finally an unambiguous message: Peep products and services aren’t going anywhere. They are, in fact, clearly supplanting many aspects of traditional media.

A note about my 25 Random Things post: several people have asked how they could send me their lists. You can always email me at hal<at>brokenpencil.com, you can also add me as a Facebook friend and then tag me to your list, or if you’re doing it on a blog, post the link to my blog and I’ll check it out.


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