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E’s Ear Infection: The Case for Peep :comments

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Okay since I’ve been raging pretty hard lately against Peep Culture, I thought I’d share something Peep positive.

This morning, I sent the following twitter, which also automatically flowed to my Facebook as a Status Update:

the kid throwing up yesterday, seems fine now. diagnosis by medvisit doc at 10pm: ear infection>

Next thing you know, I had no fewer than 9 comments from 7 different people offering sympathy and advice:

1. Glad she’s okay. How is MedVisit anyway? Do you have to pay? Is it through TeleHealth or OHIP?

2. (from me) medvisit is great as long as it’s a minor issue and you can wait at home 3-5 hours. it’s free! covered by ohip!

3. ear infections— [my kid] gets them a lot and they used to lead to some serious horror movie style vomiting where I really did expect her head t spin around. Poor little thing—hope she gets better quickly. They are pretty tough.

[Hal says: hey E. puked too!]

4. my doberman pinscher gets ear infections quite frequently. i just blow on his ear lightly until he starts wagging his tail.

[note: Hal says: what a hilarious and strange comment!]

5. MedVisit is totally free. You call them and the doc comes to your house. I have always found it to be a good service. My son had constant ear infections until he was 3 and a half. After that, he was never sick again!

[Hal says: yeah it rules to have doc come to your house!]

6. Poor kiddo. I hear the hug+antibiotic combo does wonders smile

7. When mine was little she got them a lot too. My doctor told me unofficially (for some strange reason)... to try giving her dimetab at night whenever she was really stuffy and to steam her up in the bathroom with a towel under the door to keep everything thinly running. She hasn’t had one since.

[Hal: Makes sense, doc says they usually get them at the end of a cold from being all congested…]

8. Those are the worst. Horrible for the kid and horrifying for the parents. Ibuprofen dents the pain a little. Forget Tylenol.

9. Don’t laugh but I strongly recommend a chiropractor. Yes, for an ear infection! Before replying with ‘it’s Hare Krishna medicine’... look into it. I’m sorta against antibiotics.

[Hal says: I would like to see the look on W’s face when I tell her I’m taking the kid to a chiropractor for her ear infection…]

10. I agree… dimetab is better than antibiotics but if the ear canal could be adjusted a tad to open up and prevent infection even better!

11. (from me) wow! ear infection advice aplenty! thanks for the sympathy and ideas…kid is feeling much better, sleeping it off right now.

So I’m posing this little exchange to help remind me that it’s not all bad. That, in fact, Peep features many sweet exchanges like this one.


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Was going to suggest this would make for an interesting ‘peep’ post, but then read you FB comment… Always one step ahead of peep culture!
I’m really curious about #4!

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