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Doc Update: Hal gets phone and other adventures :comments

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So the second official day of shooting for the documentary happened a few days back. Here’s what we did:

Filmed me (pretending) to take out the trash. Filmed me watering the garden, stirring my compost bin (nice assortment of worms and grubs in there…).  Filmed me (pretending) to watch tv on the couch.

The idea was to establish my relative normalcy, my basic reticence, the general sense that I am not someone who generally makes a big spectacle spewing my emotions and private moments all over the place. This is true and I tried not to ham it up, and just be natural, though Director Sally kept accusing me of mugging for the camera so I’m not sure how successful I was. The culmination of this was a 40 minute on camera interview where Sally lobbed questions at me, asking to defend the project, and commented on the fact that many people she’d talked to about me referred to my abruptness and incivility. (Your point Sally?)

The day went quickly and suddenly it was 4 o’clock and we were in a time crunch to get things done – the crew had a bunch of interviews scheduled with my brother and some of my friends (again to establish my baseline normalcy and lack thereof). Frantic rescheduling on everyone’s part and we were off to the food court shopping area downtown underneath the TD Center.  

At the Wireless Wave store next to the Laura Secord, we filmed a scene where I pretended to enquire about a cell phone. I was just pretending because the cell had already been picked out and activated by producer Jeanette. The Wireless Wave guy was a bit nervous but got into it after the first take. He showed me the features and advised me against doing things like Twitter and signing up for Google Latitude. Yeah right! I’m pretty sure Sally liked that part. The core of the scene was true: it is my first ever cell phone and I’m not particularly excited about having it and I have only a slight notion of how to work it so far.

On the way out the camera and sound guys harassed the girl closing down the Laura Secord into giving them free cones of maple walnut ice cream.

Next scene, a park in the Annex where I fiddled with my phone. I couldn’t actually figure out how to send a Twitter so I ended up pretending to send a Twitter at Sally’s instruction. The fake Twitter claimed to say “I am in the park.” Watching this was a group of 12 year-olds on skate-boards. Kids: “Are you filming a commercial?” Sally: “No a documentary” Kids: “What about?” Sally: “It’s about, uh, cell phones and stuff.” Kids: “Oh.” They promptly departed.

Somehow all this activity took us to 8:30 at night. I hurried home to find W trying to put E. to bed. We all lay down in E’s bed together and fell asleep.


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All ready there is too much script in a documentary that would probably do best without one.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t it be more Peep if the cell phone hand’t already been activated?

Why must one pretend in order to be interesting? To me, from what I’ve gathered, part of Peep is being real to the camera…that’s what has people so enthralled in the first place

By Emmalene Pruden on 2009 06 02

The OCD in me failed to notice the blantant misuse of the English language.

All ready should be Already.

sorry for the double post

By Emmalene Pruden on 2009 06 02

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