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Clips from the Weekend Lifecast Test :comments

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These are probably unwatchable but they represent the longest yet test of the mobile lifecasting system. one hour and twenty minutes of me and E. wandering around. plus we kill and capture some ants. (we are cruel cruel kids…)


Watch live video from thepeepdiaries on Justin.tv

Watch live video from thepeepdiaries on Justin.tv


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It’s peepviewer in chat

These are my notes about the above 2 videos

My thoughts and impressions as I watched the first video:

Video of walk:
- of his neighborhood
- he has a smart little girl for 4
- hope he’s taken basic security procautions so it’s not too easy for people to figure out where he lives, cause he does have a little girl
- I can see that Hal believes peeping is entertainment, as he seems to be trying hard to entertain; I enjoyed the walk though, it was entertaining and informative. Nice neighborhood he lives in.
- In internet interactions, you can learn about people by what they leave in, and what they take out
- Hal avoids chatting, and instead is focused on giving people a look into his life; it’s not what I prefer in a chat partner, but the world doesn’t revolve around me; I hope you mention this in the documentary—that is, that what Hal includes and what he leaves out or fails at doing (chatting directly to the chatters much) tells the world what kind of person he is, to a degree.
- Hal taking his daughter for his walk to stop and visit her friends too, tells me he’s a caring and attentive father
- Maybe have Hal or someone else watch another social channel on justin.tv; have them watch something similar to Hal’s situation, a family in a house; and get them to write down their impressions; because from my 10 years of talking on mIRC I would imagine that the interactions follow a different path than the way Hal’s interactions with his viewers are going
- I personally haven’t peeped inside someone’s home via cameras before; I’ve just talked on mIRC, and very occasionally talked to someone on webcam for a bit; I think though that Hal is trying to make his experience the way he’s already assumed it to be in his book; and I know from my
experience that real relationships between all chatters can easily evolve; I don’t think that will happen with Hal though; I get the impression that he doesn’t like this experience as it is; but to his credit, he does have cameras in many rooms; If he were doing this truly to connect with others, he would only present of himself and his home what he was comfortable presenting, as everyone does
- How much experience does Hal have talking on the internet in any format, like mIRC, justin.tv, message boards, anything? I think his impressions of any former experiences of regular internet communications should be mentioned, or his lack thereof

The second video:
Second Video:
- going into the garden
- i found Hal’s exchange with his wife close to the beginning of the video disturbing; to me Hal talked down to her saying “were you born to drive me nuts” or something close to that; that really upset me; if he had said that to me as his wife, there would have been a big fight; my initial reaction (if i were her) was “how dare you talk to me like that”; put-downs are abusive Hal; if you don’t like these comments, try and keep such nasty exchanges off the cameras; if i saw someone abusing someone on any other channel or chat, it would disturb me there too, and i might stop chatting with those people completely; some third parties will get involved in such stuff, this is the first time i’ve ever given feedback on such an exchange; but then i read somewhere on this website that you don’t have to be nice
- she’s (his wife) making herself look bad… i’d say that it was Hal who made himself look bad
- I don’t care about what they did with the aunts
- He did a good job of interacting with his daughter again

By AFlows on 2009 07 28

I’m very interested to see Hal’s response to this.

By Erin on 2009 07 30


By AFlows on 2009 08 02



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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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