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Cat Peep :comments

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Had to get this up there as soon as I heard about it, and props to Nora Young of CBC’s Spark, where I heard about this. Basically, a guy set up an automatic cat door triggered by RFID tags that unlocks for the family’s two cats.

Catdoor A diagram of the cat door. See more pics and commentary here.

The door unlocks, a picture is taken, and a tweet and a picture are automatically sent to the two cats’ 1500 twitter followers. I kid you not. Cat Peep! (Actually planning, one of these days, a longer post on animal peep in general so if you have any more material like this, send it over.)

Catpeep Penny the cat heads in for snacks.


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This doesn’t surprise at all, Hal. Since my divorce (five years ago), I’ve noticed an increasing attachment towards pets in general, both cats and dogs (mostly women in their 40s, as this is the age group with which interact). I ask myself, “Are these pets a replacement for human companionship?” You can see the attraction can’t you, Hal? Pets don’t argue. They don’t criticize. They don’t care if you’ve got a few extra pounds, or if your hair is receding. They offer unconditional love in return for food and shelter. Tell me, who wouldn’t prefer that after a difficult marriage? At least the number of fortysomething women with dogs instead of men i’ve seen seems to bare this out. Is it really such a big step from there to peeping on these “replacements” while at work or otherwise out of the home? Is this any different from those parents who would peep in on their nannies, or babies, or both?

By Mark McCawley on 2009 04 23

Cats Peeping.

By Esther Vincent on 2009 04 24

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By Esther Vincent on 2009 04 24

I love cat peep.I like all the pet animals especially cat because it looks very cute and pretty.

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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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