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Blogging from CorkAngel’s and Report from Google :comments

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We’re in the Easy Bay area with the lifecaster CorkAngel76. You can watch and comment on our doings all day and night by going here. We’re going to talk to Cork aka Sean about what he does and how/why he does it. Sean is also going to take me up in his !!plane!! and he’s hosting a dinner party tonight pacific time you might want to check out.

Yesterday we spent the day at Google headquarters. We did three interviews and I think they went okay, at least the first two did. The day got longer and we got more and more behind schedule. The Google people got more and more antsy. By the time we got to the third interview everyone was tired and tense. I was talking to a Google Search project manager and was having trouble keeping my focus. I asked a few convoluted questions that went nowhere. I kept up a running gag referencing my own supposedly checkered past as represented by Google searches for “Niedzviecki” and “poodle sex.” These weird asides were maybe funny the first time. Maybe.

While it wasn’t a total disaster and some of the conversation was really interesting, I was frustrated and defensive afterwards. Maybe I’m just not cut out for documentary filmmaking. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. I feel weirdly emotional. Going away again so soon after the long book tour trip is tougher than I thought it would be. E has announced she is missing daddy and has taken a picture of me to put on her night-table.

Well, it’s time to stop whining and get right back to it. Being part of this is a privilege, not something to whine about. I’m really looking forward to our day with Sean — a lifecaster, entrepreneur, wine enthusiast, and pilot. I’ve got a million questions for him. We’re stuck in set up mode right now, the length of which is something else I’ve got to start getting used to.

Join us and talk to us throughout the day. Be kind people, I’m feeling fragile. 


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See, now this is on the road to real blogging.  And vulnerability.  Does it feel cathartic yet?  Honestly…keep it up.  smile

Hang in there.  It’s not going to get any easier…but you’re in too deep to back out now, so just go with it.  And if you self-destroy, at least you’ll be able to say you dove into this project whole-heartedly, and participated in some great experimental media.  If you implode, it’s not a failure - it’s reality, and true peep, which is the point…is it not?

By Erin on 2009 07 08

thanks erin! i’m trying…no backing down, my burgeoning fan base of 3 cannot be let down. but at the same time i’m not planning on destroying my life…am i?

By hal niedzviecki on 2009 07 10

It’s more than 3, I’d say…at least 5?

Implode may be a bit dramatic.  You might break down for a day or two in the midst of this, but not forever.  None of this will actually destroy your life, but that very fear could destroy your project, if you go soft now.  No one wants to watch a man throwing himself into peep partway - there are too many others going all out.  Like I said before…you go big or go home.  If you half-ass it, this will all have been for nothing, wasted.  Which is far more self-destructive, really.

So…can you do it?

By Erin on 2009 07 14

The Google people got more and more antsy. By the time we got to the third interview everyone was tired and tense.jordan kicksn

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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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