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My First Ever Video Blog :comments

Posted by Hal
Tags: production, Video sharing, Voyeurism

Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting my first ever video blog! (It’s a little somber, I think, and it has a long story behind it…but here it is…)


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Tell us the Long Story, Hal!

By McKinley M. Hellenes on 2009 07 03

Good start, Hal! Right on time, too (as Facebook prepares to go completely public). As a writer, I was faced with the decision some time ago: do I go public, or attempt to keep my private life separate (if that is even possible anymore)? I decided to go public. It’s all out there for people to google, if they so wish. That definitely raises the question: how much privacy do we really need? And what makes us who and what we are anyway? Bits and pieces collected from various places online? People are far too complex to be reduced to such simplicity. Your video blogs may give us insights into your personality, Hal, yet they will never tell us who you are. That is the one morsel of privacy we all still carry around with us in our heads (and no amount of information, or data mining can reveal it).

By Mark McCawley on 2009 07 04

Hi, good to see and hear you!
I want to know:
The Long Story, Hall!!!
What are the 5 greatest Peeps in History?
If you could Peep anyone in the whole world (living) who would that be and how much would you be willing to pay (if demanded) for the experience?
Happy weekend! see you Sat or Sun!
one of your redroomer cohorts, v.

By Vicki Nikolaidis on 2009 07 04

okay, more on the long story soon. hoping to do another video blog soon! hal

By hal on 2009 07 07

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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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