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Why Peep Trumps Privacy  

Posted by Hal

Hey everyone, here’s a short piece I wrote for AOLnews about why, despite all the warnings about privacy online, we just can’t bring ourselves to care nearly as much as we should. 

A taste: “Oh but haven’t recent polls demonstrated that we are more concerned than ever about our privacy online? Sure they have. But they have also shown that our concern doesn’t actually translate into action. We may tell pollsters we are concerned about our privacy, but we don’t actually do much about it. Surprisingly few of us can actually be bothered to adjust the privacy settings available to us. (A Pew Research Study put the number of us who change Facebook privacy settings in the 25 percent to 44 percent range, which is to say that not even half of us are motivated to protect our most intimate details by taking five minutes to click a few buttons.)”

Read in full:

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It hasn’t been since reading your book that I started thinking more about internet privacy.

A big part of me still wants to keep putting myself out there - which is why I still do - but for some reason, I hate the idea of someone else tagging me in posts using my first and last name.

Even though I allow people from youtube to add me on facebook, where they can see my last name, if they tag me in a post, I ask them to remove the post.

There’s some ‘comfort’ that I guess I only imagine that comes from people referring to me only as Emmalene, though I have no issues using my last name in my own posts.

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