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Why Hal Isn’t Sleeping in the Basement Plus: My Kid Could Paint That

Posted by Hal

Hi everyone. So yesterday (Friday) sort of drifted away without a blog or vlog post. I had a long list of things I needed to get done, and partially tackled a few of them but was also a bit thick in the head, probably because Thursday night featured a drinking session on the lifecam with my friend Chris and none other than Paula K., the only person to come to my Facebook party, who messaged me the other day to remind me that our 1 year “Friendiversary” had arrived. What better way to celebrate it then live on the peep cam?

Anyway, yeah, a bit thick and slow on Friday, as anyone who watched me try and rehearse my night of storytelling at Washington’s SpeakeasyDC could attest. That’s coming up this week, Thursday night, and I’m definitely stressed about it because my time to practice –- yesterday — didn’t quite come together. So now I’ve got to find some more time in a very packed schedule. As if I didn’t have enough on my mind already! I’ve got to stay focussed. I haven’t been sleeping in the basement on camera like I’m supposed to, either. Simple fact: I don’t sleep well down here. It’s musty, dusty, hot, and loud (four buzzing computers). When I don’t sleep well, I get sick. If I get sick in the next 10 days, that will NOT be good since Monday I’ve got two interviews plus lots of filming to do, and Tuesday the whole film crew goes to Los Angeles for the week (during which time I must also fly to Washington DC to do my night of stories from peep).

So sleep is more important to me right now than letting people watch me toss and turn. Maybe there’s something else too. Maybe I need breaks from all the scrutiny. There’s something going on in my mind when I’m on camera, an awareness that never turns off or goes away. It’s like a phantom power source that keeps burning up energy even after you turn off the machine. The only way to turn it off is to pull the plug. Undeniably, that’s part of it too. How could it not be? So I’ve been sleeping upstairs with W. off camera. Director Sally is probably not happy with that. Sorry Sally. I’m doing my best. I really am.

Not much happening on the lifecast today (Saturday) as W. and E. are both home and demanding plenty of attention. Plus I go away on Tuesday and don’t see them for a week. But I’ll probably read the paper and lounge around on cam during naptime (coming up in about 30 minutes). And depending on the weather later, there will be some kind of outing and I plan to try out my mobile lifecasting gear for as long as possible, again depending on what we end up doing. Tonight around 9 W. is going to kick my ass in Scrabble live on Peepcast. Tune in, we’ll be logged into the chat and I’ll be taking word placement suggestions!

So, here are a few pics I took today.

07252009278plunder from my garden, picked this morning.

07252009279painting E did this morning. isn’t my kid a genius?

Gotta go. There’s a skunk in the backyard and the family is freaking out.


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