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reality tv boot camp - friday night

Posted by Hal

alright i made it to boot camp, which is happening about an hour from Los Angeles in an area known as simi valley. got there just in time for dinner and opening remarks. it’s 12:30 pst time, 3:30 est so i’m too tired to go into details right now, but i will tell you that the participants include a former crack dealer, an ex police chief, an alcoholic bartender who’s been sober for 5 years, and a dairy farmer.

when i first got here i was lead to my accommodations. the mattress in the middle is mine:



pretty sweet huh? we then went through 3 hours of introductions, shaping our personal story/brand and a group exercise involving us performing skits and singing. these people were in my group:


speaking of singing, each of us got a secret challenge we had to complete  before the end of the night. my challenge was to sing a love song to one of the members of the group in front of everyone else. i ended up singing to the lady in the picture above. maybe tomorrow I’ll get around to telling you how that went down. for now, though, all i want you to know is that things are very very strange at reality tv boot camp. more soon, i promise. but now it’s time to crash in my luxury accommodations.



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Boot Camps

Hey, great experience you have. But I think it is not comfortable enough to be in the boot camp.

What it feels like inside the boot camp? Any annoying things that you can share over your stay?

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