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Hal Update: Book, Doc, 1000th Friend Photos and Me Love Blob!

Posted by Hal

I haven’t updated much lately. No excuse, really, except that I’ve been both busy and lazy, a devastating combination, but one that many feel with the onset of winter and holidays. Snow flurries outside, a guy on the radio talking about selling plastic ice surfaces to Quebec townships(!), and, well, it’s already halfway through December.

So lots on my blog agenda. First off, I had lunch today with Amy Holmes who presides over the Open Book Toronto website. She’s cool and it’s cool so check it out.

In Peep Diaries news, I’m happy to announce that I’m in the editing stage of the game, the feedback from my editor at City Lights is good and things are coming together nicely. The book is on schedule to be published in May. There’s a cover now, it’s great, and I’m going to reveal it early on in the new year. In the meantime, wish me luck on the re-writes. Actually here’s the sick truth: I love editing. Writing is annoying but editing I find incredibly peaceful. I can only write for an hour or so at a time, but I can edit all day. Is that weird or what? I guess it’s going to be a blissful rest of the month, cutting, pasting, inputting changes, adding new developments…

In Peep documentary news, it looks like the funding has finally come together to make the documentary – in which I attempt to be the most peeped man alive – and to put together the ultra-cool Peep interactive online project that will both stand on its own and be integrated into the documentary. We’re meeting on Thursday next week to talk about our plans for the website, and general timing. I’ll keep ya posted.

Well what else to tell you? I took E. my three year old to the TINARS For Tots Holiday Reading last weekend. It was fun and we picked up a copy of CTON’s Super A-maze-ing Year of Crazy Comics by Clayton Hanmer, who also did the cover of the summer Broken Pencil How-To issue! It’s a really funny book and E. is super into it, particularly a maze involving trick-or-treating and a giant monster attacking the candy store. We love you blob!

Finally, before I forget, I also want to update you on my 1000th friend, Marie Angell of Baytown, Texas. She received the box of goodies I sent her and sent back a bunch of pictures of her and her wonderful family opening up the stuff. Now, Marie, I’m waiting for book reports and a review of the mixed CD of indie Canadian bands I burned for ya. Hanukah came early to the Angells of Baytown, as you can see by following this link to Marie’s slideshow .


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Marie Angell

Oh, Hal, you caught ME being both productive and lazy. I have been so busy with one thing and another, including our CD, that I have only dipped lightly into the books and CD.

And, speaking of Hanukkah, the Niedzvieckis should be getting a little something from Texas sort of soon. Have to put the finishing touches on.

But I must say: You like editing? Now that’s cuh-ray-zee!

Still, good for you and best wishes for all your exciting projects.

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