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My Reaction to Reaction Videos Article in Washington Post

Posted by: Hal

Actually the headline should read: My reaction to the Reaction Videos article in the Washington Post that quotes my reaction to Reaction Videos. Got that?

Well, it doesn’t really matter. Check out the article, the piece does a nice job with the whole reaction video phenomenon. My take on it gets mocked (see the end of the piece), but I probably deserve it.

Wait 'Til You See This- Reaction Shots to Viral Videos_1271786632766

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Las Vegas TV Explores Surveillance Society with Hal

Posted by: Hal

LasVegasNow.com recently did a special segment on Living in the Surveillance Society. I comment throughout. You can read the article and watch the two 4 minute videos here. It’s well done  and their conclusion is important, if slightly vague – “Users sacrifice privacy, getting the power of the Internet in return.” What I wonder is if “users” even see giving up privacy as a “sacrifice”? And what, exactly, do they (we) get in return?



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Peep Doc - Shooting (Faking) Again

Posted by: Hal

Hey everyone, we’re down in my basement all day today shooting what’s called “pick-up” shots for Peep Me – the Peep Culture documentary. Basically we’re going back and “recreating” or you might even say “faking” shots we now realize we need, but didn’t get the first time around. We’ve just spent the last hour trying to recreate the look below, which is a frame from the movie shot in the summer. 

Hal's basement office

Once we get it just right (though my hair is a bit shorter, can’t do much about that) I’m mostly going to be pretending to be seeing things on my computer that I’ve already seen. We need more shots of me reacting to things to use as connecting scenes in the doc. I’ve written about the fake/real of the process of the doc shoot before, like the time they made me take out the trash about 10 times. At least it was garbage day!

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Peep in the News: Location Sharing and “Super-Sized” Mom

Posted by: Hal

From the New York Times: an article on the rise of online location sharing. The new thing is Foursquare, which lets you check-in at a location and share with “friends”. That’s opposed to the Google Lattitude model which just constantly broadcasts your location once you’ve enabled the service on your smart phone. This phenomenon is, of course, an offshoot of Peep – these services are sold as lifestyle enhancers, basically a value added component to your social networking online persona. (Look for Facebook and Twitter to introduce location based services soon…) Yelp, for instance, is using it to give more validity to certain reviews – if you’ve “checked in” and proven you were there, your review is apparently going to have more credibility. In other words, pay more attention to this particular person: they’re really real and they’ve proved it.

Now let’s check in with Donna Simpson. An article on her (which is itself Peep since it has no other redeeming factor beyond providing us with entertainment based on someone else’s everyday life) documents the quest of this already very obese woman to reach 1,000 pounds. She’s already in the Guiness World Record books as “the world’s fattest mother.” My favourite peep detail: she finances her $750 a week grocery bill by eating fast food online in front of men with a plus-sized  woman fetish.

Super-sized mother determined to become world's fattest woman in two years - Mail Online_1268743891001

Comes complete with nice Peep pic of mom using scooter to shop with her kid!


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Mommy Bloggers Go to Corporate Boot Camp

Posted by: Hal

This piece in the New York Times talks about how mommy blogging is being infiltrated by corporate giveaways, ads, and sponsorships. Though it doesn’t get into the whole issue of using your kid’s life to develop your brand, it does have some eye popping stats about how many women are writing and reading mommy blogs.


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Ghostbuster zines from the Canzine Hollywood Piracy Zine Challenge are now online! http://t.co/RoAMEQTU

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